Free-Vegas: The Best Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

You can “do” Vegas at just about any price point. From ultra luxury resorts to $29/night off-the-strip specials, Vegas has it all. Most Vegas vacationers, however, are seeking the most bang for their buck, they are looking for things to do in Las Vegas for free.

Whether you’re trying to visit Vegas for as little money as possible, or you’d like to minimize your entertainment expenditures and save money for the casinos, these are our top picks for free things to do in Vegas.

Things To Do In Las Vegas: The Bellagio Water Show

Many of the big-name Vegas hotels offer completely free entertainment. Many visitors’ favorite activity is the famous Bellagio water show. The impressive fountain display fronting the hotel has 1,200 nozzles and 4,500 lights, shooting water high into the sky in harmony with one of 22 songs. Showtimes are currently as follows:

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French Holidays on the Cheap

Montpellier in FranceMontpellier

As a traveller, there is no greater high than experiencing the wonders tucked inside a beautiful country. However, when you speak of a country like France, the cost of the trip can make it seem quite daunting. If you love the ideal of trolling through France without putting up your house on mortgage, then there are some extremely interesting places and reasons to visit this magnificent country.

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