Top Tips for Budget Travel

We Brits love our holidays, our annual getaway in the sun is the highlight of the year for the vast majority of us. But with the economic climate as it is and budgets increasingly tighter, are we still able to take our annual getaway?

Research by’s Travel Trend Tracker has found that despite us having to be more careful with our money 96% of us will take at least one holiday this year. The top influencer for where we go however will be the price as we look for better deals.

Here are some tips on how to get the most for your holiday without breaking the bank.

All inclusive vs. self-catering

Whether an all-inclusive or a self-catering holiday is the most cost effective option for you is an important consideration to make before you book. Almost a third of Brits will opt for the self-catering option this year whilst all inclusive holidays are gaining in popularity with 12% planning to holiday this way (up from 10% in 2011.) Self-catering is a great way to manage costs on holiday and allows you the flexibility of what you eat and where. All-inclusive holidays are a great way to control costs if you don’t mind not eating in a wide variety of places, as there will be no hefty credit card bill to worry about when you get home. Many enjoy the peace of mind that everything is paid for before you even leave your front door.

Top Tips for Budget Travel

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Travel Off-peak

If you are able to, travelling off peak will allow you to get the best deals. Holidays will be cheaper outside the school holidays and resorts and attractions will also be a lot quieter. Of course not everyone is able to do this due to work and family commitments but if you are unable to take your holiday off peak, even just travelling off peak can save you money. Ticket prices for trains and flights are often a lot cheaper at slightly unsociable hours; it is also worth noting that booking tickets well in advance will save you money.




Top Tips for Budget Travel

Top Tips for Budget Travel

Shop Around

Largely thanks to the internet we are able to research and shop around for our holidays a lot more now than when our only option was to book on the high street with a travel agent. Price comparison sites such as can compare travel deals from the best holiday companies in one quick search. Using the internet to research your destination is also a great idea. Review sites and forums might give you a useful tip on a great restaurant in the area that does the most delicious paella for only a few Euros, or help you find the best bar with the liveliest happy hour that you would otherwise not have known about.

Be savy with holiday extras

No holiday comes without its extras and although it might be tempting to go without them, that could end up costing you more in the long run. The most important of which is travel insurance, avoiding this relatively small outlay before you leave for your holiday could leave you with a hefty bill if anything were to go wrong while you were away. Don’t just take the first option given to you by your tour operator, shopping around can save you money on a policy with the same level of cover you were originally offered. When it comes to your holiday money, be organised, leaving the changing of your money until the last minute can cost you – bureau de changes at airport will always be more expensive than the high street.