While it is not a major issue for most people to get away from work for a week to see these people, having a vehicle that will haul their family without getting poor fuel economy is another story. In the past, gas was cheap, and people would all get in their sport utility vehicle and head back home for a week, but most people do not want to drive a vehicle that only gets 20 miles per gallon when fuel costs over $3 per gallon.

Fortunately, people will find that there are few cars that have plenty of room to haul people during these trips, and they all get fairly good gas mileage.

Toyota Prius

Best cars for traveling - Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius – Image by HardyFloor

If people are truly interested in getting the best fuel economy possible during their trip, they will definitely want to look at the Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid vehicle.

Drivers will find that the Prius averages better than 45 miles per gallon, which can really save people a substantial amount of money on a longer trip. When the Prius was first introduced, it certainly was not the most aesthetically appealing vehicle on the market, but things have changed.

Today, people can select from two body styles, which include the Prius and the Prius V. The Prius V is essentially a modern looking station wagon, while the regular Prius is just a four door car. Contrary to popular belief, the Prius actually has plenty of room to haul at least four adults, but it is possible to haul up to five.

The other nice thing about a Prius is that it will keep buyers under the $20,000 mark.

Ford Fusion

Best cars for traveling -  Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion – Image by bilodeausean7796

If people want to spend a little more money than they would on a Prius and still get pretty good fuel economy, they should check out the Ford Fusion. People will find that the Fusion is a very sporty looking sedan, which has room for up to five people.

People will find that the Fusion has four different engine options, which include a regular four cylinder, hybrid four cylinder, 3.0 liter V6 and a 3.5 liter V6. The hybrid model gets a combined fuel economy of 39 miles per gallon, and the 3.5 liter V6 gets 21 miles per gallon combined.

BMW 328i

The best cars for traveling - BMW 328i

BMW 328i -Image by BMW of Peabody

If people want a car that gets good fuel economy and also has a nice ride, they should buy the BMW 328i. The nice thing about this vehicle is that people will have the privilege of driving a BMW, but they will be glad to know that the sticker price is under $40,000. People will find that this has a sport appearance, and it has plenty of power, but it still gets a combined fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon.

People will find that there is a car within everyone’s budget that is perfect for travelling. These are just three of the best cars for travelling, and they are separated into different price ranges. People will find that having a good vehicle for travelling can make a huge difference because they will save money, and they will be more comfortable during the trip.

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