Brugge may not come off as the most exciting place in the world upon first inspection, but a closer look reveals a vast array of fun and unusual activities that you can participate in. If you are looking for some fun, then you can definitely find it here with these uncommon and unique experiences that you don’t find in most other places.

Try out these different activities to get a new look at the Brugge area.

Choco Story

Five Unusual Things to Do in Brugge Choco-Story-Museum

Choco Story Museum – Image by markhealey

Choco Story is the official chocolate museum of Brugge. There are very few chocolate museums in the world, and this is the place to be if you love that beautiful aroma of chocolate and cocoa as it cooks in the oven. You can usually get free chocolate, but that’s not the only thing you can do here.

There is also a vast amount of information about chocolate. Many exhibits are on display to inform patrons about the botanical and geographical information of the many different cocoa species. There is also a large library full of books about chocolate.

You also have the opportunity to speak with chocolate experts about various topics like making the perfect chocolate mold, or finding out which cocoa species tastes best.

Beaver Tours
There is a tourist office in Brugge dedicated solely to making beaver tours. Beavers are incredibly important animals, but they rarely get the respect they deserve. These beaver tours bring you to watery areas where you can see a number of beavers working, playing and living.

The tours last from five to nine hours, and you can often choose between several different tours to fit your preferences. Tour guides will also talk about the beaver, and you may learn a few things that you didn’t know. For example, beavers create natural purification systems that clean the water.

World’s Deepest Indoor Pool
Brugge is home to the world’s deepest pool. You actually need diving equipment to reach the bottom, and you will be supplied with a certified diving teacher to ensure nothing bad happens.

This pool is about 30 meters deep, or close to 100 feet. It is a marvel to look at, and reaching the bottom is an accomplishment. If you are interested in diving, but never did it because you were worried about seeing dangerous aquatic life, then this is the perfect compromise.

The Bicycle Bar


The Bicycle Bar – Image by bicycleBARfanatic

Do you like beer and drinks? Did you ever wish that you could have a bar follow you around wherever you go? Then you should meet the Bicycle Bar. Officially called the Fietscafe, this is a mobile bar that gets around by pedaling. The bar supports up to 17 people at once, but only a few people have to pedal to get the bar moving. It is also possible for the other people to stand on the side of the bar as others do the pedaling.

You also get a personal bartender when you pick up the Fietscafe. He tends the drinks, and he can mix anything you like during your journey around the Brugge area. This can be used just for fun, or you can order it for events like weddings and parties.

 Little Restaurant In Bruges, Belgium

Dinner in the Sky
Have you ever been to a restaurant where you literally have to be strapped into the chair? The Dinner in the Sky restaurant is a large table that is supported by a crane. The table portion itself where you will be lifted about 160 feet in the air, and there are no walls. The lack of walls gives you a great view of the entire Belgium area, and the view is just breathtaking.

You are given a personal waiter and chef that will make and serve the meal right there, and entertainment can also be provided. It isn’t peculiar for a live band to be hoisted up to your level with another crane, and this will give you an experience you will never forget.

Brugge has many unusual and entertaining things to do that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Enjoy the area thoroughly by doing at least one of these activities. You will see Brugge in a whole new light, and you will be given an experience that will follow you forever.

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