Mexico: Resort vs. “Real”Tequila shots, college students, and unlimited food – these are three of the things travelers are sure to find when they venture to a Mexican resort.

While all-inclusive resorts are certainly a great way to save money while traveling, do they really allow tourists the ability to experience the country they are visiting? The answer to this question is usually no.

Mexican resorts are usually full of every type of person except Mexicans. While a traveler may encounter waitstaff and other employees that are Mexican, most of these individuals will speak English. Because they are working, interaction with these natives will be limited and will provide little insight into what the Mexican culture is truly like.

While authentic food may be available at restaurants and a few dishes placed on the buffet table, most tourists will get little exposure to the different Mexican dishes that natives eat on a daily basis. Mexican resorts can surely provide tourists with an amazing vacation, but it is likely they will leave with little cultural enlightenment. In order to truly experience the Mexican culture, one must explore the real Mexico.

Aticama is just one of the Mexican towns that is off the beaten tourist path. This beautiful fishing town is calm and peaceful, while most resorts are boisterous and crowded. Towns like these enable tourists to truly experience Mexican life. The restaurants serve authentic Mexican food and the inhabitants are ready and willing to share their culture and language with visitors.

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When visiting the real Mexico in one of these sleepy fishing villages, travelers can enjoy tranquil, uncrowded beaches. The streets are usually cobblestone or unpaved, which adds to the rustic appeal. While some of Mexico’s major cities and resorts enjoy the latest technologies, the truth is that not all of Mexico is as high-tech and developed.

This allows tourists the ability to take a step back and actually enjoy the sights around them rather than watching television and eating unlimited amounts of food at the buffet.

Real Mexico provides travelers with the ability to converse with natives and unwind next to a gorgeous beach. Most of these small towns are nestled into the mountains, which provide excellent hiking opportunities.

Most of these small beach towns are also perfect for surfing and fishing. Bird and nature enthusiasts are also fond of venturing off the beaten path because of the gorgeous wildlife that can be found in the surrounding mountains.

While there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of an excellent deal at a Mexican resort, it is not the best way for a tourist to surround themselves in a new culture and experience an entirely different way of life.

The only way to truly learn a new culture is to speak with the natives, eat the local food, taste the local drink, and experience what life is like for them on a daily basis. Travelers who choose this route will not be disappointed, as it will enable them to say they truly experienced the Mexican way of life.

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