cheap travel insurance

There are too many reasons why you should buy travel insurance even when you are going on a short holiday inside Australia like Stradbroke island. Even cheap travel insurance bought from direct providers on-line should be very comprehensive. There are just too many reasons why you always want to be covered. In this article, we look at some of the major reasons why you just have to have travel insurance.

Sunrise at Stradbroke Island

  • Cancellations. All holidays require some form of booking and payment in advance. To get the Stradbroke island accommodation you want, partial payment well in advance is normally required. You will also make a range of other preparations before you go. If you get ill, or there is another valid reason why your holiday is cancelled, such as due to extreme weather conditions, travel insurance will cover you against that. Check your policy carefully.
  • Emergency Rescue. Although you are not going to be far away from help, if you get lost in the middle of nowhere, and you are badly hurt, specialist evacuation might be necessary. The cost of search and rescue is horrendous. Getting hit for this bill at a later date is very possible. You might be paying of your rescue for many years to come.
  • Holiday Ends Early. Have you thought about the fact you might get ill during your holiday? If your holiday is cut short, there are policies that will cover you for the costs that you have already paid for. This is similar to cancellation, but with a twist. Make sure your policy covers you in this case.
  • Special Activities. Your medical insurance will probably not cover you for situations that are considered high risk. This might just be a part of participating in some deep-sea fishing. Travel insurance that covers you for special activities will cost a little extra, but again, it is often very necessary for holidays in Australia.
  • Yearly Coverage. If you and your family have several holidays each year, or several trips in the country or abroad for example, you should compare the cost of yearly coverage. Each trip will have a limit on the number of days that will be covered, but the cost of this type of single policy could well be cheaper than 4 or 6 separate policies. So a cheap travel insurance might not be that cheap in the long run.
  • Property Damage. Have you ever thought about accidental damage to your holiday accommodation? What about accidentally hurting someone else? You could have legal and other costs that run into the many tens of thousands. Good insurance will also have you covered.
  • Compare. You must read the full details of each and every policy. Even cheap travel insurance can be good travel insurance, it is just you are buying direct. It is not the price, it is the details of coverage that is important.