Resorts in St. Lucia

Welcome to St. Lucia: one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean, still relatively new to the holiday scene.

The island’s spectacular, volcanically formed mountains and pitons in the shape of pyramids shooting up from the sea, its beautiful coastlines, and its islands full of lush green forests teeming with exotic wildlife make St. Lucia one of the most supremely gorgeous and enticing islands in the Caribbean.

The spectacular volcanic mountains form a dramatic backdrop for a series of pristine sandy beaches, year-round sunshine, and luxurious hotels set into the landscape.

St. Lucia is endlessly romantic and enticing. It is also one of the most popular and fast growing resort centres in the Caribbean offering both a perfect beach resort experience, and an exciting outdoor Caribbean adventure all of its own.

There is far more to this island than its beaches and the lovely extravagance available in the many luxurious hotels, but a great hotel is still a perfect place to start. It is for this reason that there is excitement around several new all inclusive hotels and resorts in St. Lucia. Click here to read more »