Forest reserves are what are left of our once beautiful, all natural world of forests, animals and mountains. Huge cities with their skyscrapers have taken over once pristine forest and steppe lands. Today, the few forest reserves we have in the world are precious land spaces that provide a heaven for the flora and fauna not found anywhere else. Here are the top 10 forest reserves for the nature loving traveler in you.


Serra do Divisor National Park

1. Serra do Divisor National Park, Brazil-Peru

The Serra Do Divisor National Park comprises a large slice of the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon. The Amazon rainforest is as large as the United States or Western Europe, as it covers 5% of our planet’s land. It supports the most diverse and very threatened ecosystem; you’ll find 15% of the world’s mammals here, along with 15% of Earth’s terrestrial flora.

2. Muir Woods National Park, North America

Muir Woods National Park in the San Francisco bay area is one of Northern America’s last coastal redwood forests, one of the stalwarts of the US’s diverse and beautiful ancient forest ecosystems.

The Muir Woods National Park is a great rainforest park reserve that stores massive amounts of the carbon our planet needs so badly. This reserve, along with the entire forest stretch, contains many large mammals such as the grey wolf, puma and grizzly bear. Click here to read more »