Budget destinations around the world

Whilst times are tight, taking a much needed break is still as essential as ever. So we’ve put together a list of 5 great travel destinations that are still reasonably cheap places to go yet offer something spectacular.

Bulgaria Cheap destination5. Bulgaria

Flights to Bulgaria are incredibly cheap and once there you can find cheap accommodation for £10-£20 a night. The capital Sofia boasts stunning architecture and has some of the finest churches in Europe.

Spend a day or two walking around the city and visit the famous St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Boyana church before spending an evening enjoying Bulgaria’s lively taverns.

If you want to travel outside the city Rousse offers some fantastic architecture and has lots of wide open spaces. The valley of the roses is an absolute must see in the summer and Bulgaria also proffers a huge number of vineyards making it a must for wine lovers.

thailand budget travel4. Thailand

Whilst the flights will set you back £400 or so, once you’re there, Thailand is incredibly cheap. You can have a full day’s site seeing in the capital Bangkok for around £10 providing you’re happy to do things the local way.

With its stunning temples and out of this world culture Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities on earth. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed head down to the beaches of Koh Samet and Phuket where even in the high season you can still pick up beach front rooms for less than £20.

Definitely better not to book in advance as your much more likely to get an on the door deal for spare rooms.

hungary travel 3. Hungary

A return flight to Budapest will cost you less than £100 and is well worth it. Once there you can pick up a hostel for under a tenner or a moderately high quality hotel from about £30.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with stunning architecture everywhere. The baths are an absolute must see and you can relax for hours in the warm spring waters before strolling around the city.

Once there you can easily spend less than £20 a day simply walking around and eating in the local rather than tourist destinations where a plate of goulash with bread and beer will cost you around £2.

budget destinations in Cambodia

2. Cambodia

Again the flights are going to set you back a little but once there you can enjoy a few weeks holiday for a few hundred pounds without having to scrimp on the luxuries too much.

Top of the things to see is the temple complex at Angor. Possibly one of the most stunning temples on the planet a full day’s exploration and you will only see a tenth of it.

Other top attractions include the silver pagoda with its decadent splendour and Koh Ker which is a beautiful pyramid shaped temple offering breath taking views. Local travel is cheap and reasonably efficient so you can save plenty of money once there.

Egypt is a top budget destinations1. Egypt

Because of all the recent turmoil Egypt is looking at being even cheaper for the next few years. Once things have settled down we can’t recommend this as a cheap destination enough.

Package tours start from around £400 per person and we would recommend going on one of these for safety reasons and because generally they are all inclusive. Once your there everything is incredibly cheap with a full meal costing as little as £15 and much less in local places.

Full guided tours can be got for as little as £5 if you decide to go it alone.  This comes in number one because it has  the most impressive monuments on earth – the great pyramids, the sphinx, the valley of the kings and the temples at Abu Simbel are just a few of the highlights.

So what are you waiting for? Look around for the cheapest flights, the cheapest hotels and the cheapest travel insurance and get going.