Poitiers Hotels and Guide

Poitiers is at first sight not the most obvious tourist destination. A very busy country town, congested with the cluster of office blocks and towers. This place conventionally a destination and a perfect hub for business travellers but is overlooked by tourists. Most visitors, especially those from the French city of Tours on the Autoroute de l’Aquitaine, initially are not tempted by the hustles and bustles of this town. However, if you only take a closer approach, things will definitely look very different.

This guide will tell you some things you need to know on how to enjoy your visit to this beautiful French city that is Poitiers and how to find the very best Poitier Hotels.

Be amazed Perched on a hilltop which overlooks two rivers, Poitiers is a country town with a unique charm which roots from a long and sometimes influential history. Say for example its being the seat of the dukes of Aquitaine centuries ago —- a thing that is very discernible in the winding lines of the streets as well as the breadth of civic , domestic and ecclesiastical architectural fashions represented in its buildings.

Poitiers restaurants, pavement cafes, pedestrian precincts and some wonderful central gardens all make for comfortable sightseeing.

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Poitiers Hotels And Accommodation

Whether you’re in for a business travel, a romantic get-away or holidays with your family, choose a Poitiers hotel and book yourself right away! On the edge of a wooded park of 13ha, you’ll definitely have a romantic stay at the Best Western Le  Bois de la Marche Hotel Poitiers. It is located just 15 minutes from the Parc du Futuroscope. This French hotel definitely offers relaxation, tranquil and pleasure; and has 53 spacious rooms of character.

Another great candidate would be Hotel Plaza Futuroscope Chasseneuil-du-Poitou. It is situated in a splendid setting that is not far from Poitier’s city-centre. Worth-noting is that the Plaza Futuroscope is the only internationally classified hotel on the Futuroscope site. It is an elegantly charming hotel with 283 beautifully decorated bedrooms that comes with modern facilities.

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Futuroscope Theme Park

The Brit Hotel Beaulieu Poitiers stands majestically in a calm framework and is ideal for business or leisure travel. The hotel is located just 15 minutes away by car from the Futuroscope Park. If you need some place to organise your business events, meetings, reception, weddings or other events, The Brit Hotel Beaulieu is able to offer all equipments for this kind of manifestations.

Things to do in Poitiers

 Although Poitiers is a relatively small French city, this does not mean that there is no great and exciting stuff it can offer. Take for example The Futuroscope Theme Park. Located just out of Poitier, this science amusement park is a wonderland of technology. You can experience sounds, images and sensations through the world’s most advanced film-projection techniques and enormous screens!

There are just so many exhibitions that will keep you and your family entertained for the whole day. Another section of the park that is really something to look forward to is the Ocean Oasis. It leads you on a virtual underwater exploration of a reef off the coast of the Baja California.

Futuroscope Theme Park

Another fun place to visit in Poitiers is the Park of St. Pierre. It is a leisure park that has attractions for the whole family: a wild zone that is reserved for walking, a forest, a park animalier, a miniature golf course, a pony club, a swimming pool and a zone for fishing.

Parc de Blossac is the best place in case you want to take a break and sit among some clipped limes and gravelled walks while watching the boules and eating a baguette in true french style.

Where to Eat

 If you are looking for the best place to dine out and have some mouth-watering food, then there is nothing to really worry about. Poitiers has GREAT restaurants and eating hubs to choose from. If you feel like devouring some delicious salads and sandwiches, Bleu Sel should be your top choice. Salads and sandwiches come at affordable prices. Situated at 40 rue Moulin a Sel, this eating hub is a great place to go for a quick bite while taking a break from your sightseeing.

If you want some excellent regional dishes, such as cailles au pineau (quails cooked in a brandy liqueur), then head to Alain Boutin. It is situated in 65 rue Carnot, and offers a small yet carefully chosen selection. Or have a great meal at Le St-Hilaire which is in 65 rue Theophraste-Renaudot.

This is an extraordinary place to dine since it is housed in a magnificent cellar with ancient columns and stained glass. Le St-Hilaire’s food is excellent and prices are reasonable — they are less expensive than how they look.

Poitiers Hotels

When to Go

 A pleasant small city, Poitiers visitors will find a relaxed atmosphere that is comparable to Paris. You can definitely visit Poitiers at any time of the year since its climate is generally warm. This means that snow is rare, so there is nothing to worry about having some sightseeing plans. Also, this little French city is a good base to visit nearby towns and cities.