Futuroscope Theme Park Poitiers

Futuroscope Theme Park is an interesting place to visit for you to discover world of cinema and the moving image. It is considered as one of the top 15 theme parks in the world. It is located 6 miles North of Poitiers on the A10 route, exit at junction 28.

Many visitors are amazed at the man-sized robot that is found in this futuristic park and the many amazing cinematic experiences on offer at the state-of-the-art Parc du Futuroscope.

If you want more adventure, the features to also look forward to are the huge projectors and screens which allow you to ‘experience’ flying, falling, space flights and a whole lot more incredible effects. With so much fun activities to experience, Futuroscope Theme Park is the perfect place to treat your whole family!

Futuroscope Highlights

Arthur, the 4D Adventure (New for 2010)

This Futuroscope adventure will take you into the make believe world of Minimoys. A wide range of image technologies such as 3D modelling, motion simulator, large-format IMAX 3D images and physical effects. Experience the excitement and thrill of the creative flair seen in the Minimoys world like you’re on a roller coaster ride.

Futuroscope Theme Park

Brush With Genius (New for 2010)

Brush With Genius is definitely a must-see for those who love the arts, particularly the Van Gogh enthusiasts. Especially commendable are the images shown in a 6,500-ft² screen that offer a totally new look at Van Gogh and his work. Also, the film’s stunning graphics are a moving journey to the sources of the artist’s inspiration.

Hurricane on the Bayou (New for 2010)

Go deep into Louisiana’s  heartland as you view gigantic images through a 9,700-ft² dome screen! Hurricane Bayou is a thrilling story and a musical celebration that teaches about the importance of preserving ecosystems and wetlands.

Cosmic Collisions (New in 2009)

Enjoy a breathtaking journey through time and space  and witness the cosmic smashes that shape the universe! Cosmic Collisions is totally one immersing and spectacular show. A brain-child by the American Museum of Natural History, this show is narrated by the Hollywood actor Robert Redford.

The Future is Wild (New version 2009)

This is definitely one of the most extraordinary highlights of the park. You can climb aboard an expedition vehicle for an interactive and enhanced reality adventure. There, you can meet and interact with animals that could be roaming the planet millions of years from now.

Fly Me To The Moon (New in 2009)

You can be a fly on the wall inside the first moon shuttle. You can also live an incredible adventure with three stowaways.

Children’s World

This is a fun area for children as well as a good place where all the family can relax.

Blue Note Mystery

At the end of the day, this Futuroscope evening show will bring you in a stunning musical fairy tale equipped with beautiful laser and special effects!

Futuroscope Theme Park

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