You’ve been planning your getaway for a while, your bags are packed and you are excited for your much needed break. More often than not your holiday will go without a hitch but sometimes things can go array and it pays to be as prepared as possible.

Here are a few examples of some mini travel disasters sometimes encountered by travellers and how best to be prepared:

Losing your passport or ID

If you are like me you will check and check again that you have your passport, leaving the house, in the car on the way to the airport, standing in the departure lounge, that fleeting moment of panicking passing once you realise it’s just in a different part of your hand luggage.

If you were to lose your passport or have it stolen it can feel like the end of your holiday, this needn’t be the case if you are prepared, although you might have to resign yourself to the fact you will be spending at least one afternoon in your countries embassy.

Prevention is certainly better than cure in this instance, always keep your original documents in the safe in your hotel room, if you have to take them out with you, always keep them on your person, ideally in a bag that will at no point be left unattended.

Get busy with the photocopier before you leave, if your documents do get lost or stolen having copies of them can make things go a lot faster when trying to get them replaced.

Travel Disasters - Losing your passport

Airline issues

In the current economic climate there is cause for concern that the airline you are flying with could go into administration. This of course is easy to combat, be aware that the smaller travel companies are more likely to be at risk of this, book with the larger companies and there is a slimmer chance they will go into administration.

If you do decide to book with a smaller lesser known company do your research on them first, if they seem fine to book with always use a credit card as any money spent can then be recouped unlike using a debit card.

There has also been talk recently of airport strikes, there isn’t much you can do to safeguard against industrial action, always ensure your travel insurance policy covers you for this in terms of if your flight is severely delayed or cancelled.

If you are caught up in this it is important to stay calm, you are far more likely to receive help from those at the airport attempting to solve the problem if you are patient and receptive to their advice than if you are shouting the odds.


Air Travel Disasters

You get ill whilst you are away

If you are too get ill whilst you are away from home it can really put a downer on your trip, of course the ideal would be that you were in perfect health during your time away and for that it is certainly the case that prevention is better than cure.

Take plenty of vitamins before you go in a bid to ward away any nasty bugs. Be prepared with your own mini medical box, take essentials like pain killers, plasters and travel sickness tablets with you so you don’t have to venture outside if you are not feeling well.

If you do get ill it could be worth accepting the fact that sometimes the only thing that will make you feel better is some sleep, close the curtains of your hotel room and for one day wasted sleeping might mean you can enjoy the rest of your time away feeling well.

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