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Hotels Fairy - a UK Hotel Price Comparison website

Hotels Fairy is the magical Hotel Price Comparison website that helps you find the cheapest deals on hotels around the world.  Using the latest search technology, our system can find the best deals on over 200,000 hotels around the world, potentially saving you up to 70% on your hotel bookings.

Hotels Fairy has been created to help independent travellers find the best hotel deals in an instant.  With so many competing booking websites quoting different prices, how can you find the best deals without spending hours trawling the Internet trying to make a comparison?  That’s where Hotels Fairy comes in.  Simply choose your hotel and preferred travel dates, and Hotels Fairy will find you the best price from all of the leading hotel booking websites and allow you to compare them side by side.


Not only do we have one of the largest selections of hotels on the web, but because we are independent and allow you to make an informed choice about your hotel bookings, there’s really no need to go anywhere else for the best hotel prices.  Just choose, click and compare.  Magic!

Unlike most other hotel booking websites, we don’t have any vested interest in promoting any particular hotel or booking package.  It’s 100% free to use and 100% transparent.  That’s why we believe Hotels Fairy is the best place to look for hotel deals on the Internet.

Passionate about Travel

Hotels Fairy has been created and is maintained by a team passionate about travel, all of whom use Hotels Fairy to find the best hotel deals on our own trips.  That’s why, in addition to our main comparison engine, we also have a series of mini sites providing focused information on what we think are some of the best holiday destinations in Europe, including Bournemouth Hotels Fairy, Keswick Hotels Fairy, Windemere Hotels Fairy, Newquay Hotels Fairy, Blackpool Hotels Fairy and Ambleside Hotels Fairy.

Each destination is carefully researched with tourist information, travel information, a selection of featured hotels as well as the latest tourism news in our local blogs.  We also have a list of other travel related websites that you might find interesting on our Friends of Hotels Fairy page.

Our full list of featured destinations is displayed in the sidebar on the left of each page, and is constantly growing to include a wider range of destinations.  You can suggest a new featured destination using our contact form.

Environmental Policy

Hotels fairy is committed to protecting the environment by minimising the potential negative impacts of our business.  Our environmental practices include:

    • Hosting our website and hotel price comparison engine on carbon neutral servers
    • Minimising energy consumption by using low energy lighting and appliances
    • Reducing travelling emissions by operating a virtual business structure
    • Promoting responsible travel through regular green travel articles on our blogs
    • Not promoting air travel directly through our website
    • Minimising our waste and recycling as much as possible
  • Using second-hand equipment where viable, and reselling any surplus equipment for reuse

Company Information

Hotels Fairy is a trademark of “Hotels Fairy UK Ltd”, a London based company.

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