London City and Hotels Guide

Tower bridge London


London is the Capital City of England. It is also England’s largest city with a population of over 7.8 million people. The weather in London is usually mild and rarely extreme. This means that major tourist attractions are not seasonal. London is an all year round tourist destination.

London is a great old city that has so many attractions and activities that many people won’t know where to start. There are some attractions in London that most people have almost certainly heard of. Places like the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben or the London Bridge are all must see attractions. When in London, you can find tour guides that will show you all of these places.




Things to Do and See

Westminster Abbey

When in London, you will probably want to see the Palace of Westminster which is also known as the Houses of Parliament. It is the meeting place for the two houses of English Government.

Other Places of Interest

Travelers who want to walk through a London neighborhood or go shopping will enjoy the Portobello Market. This is a treasure hunter’s paradise. It is a five block stretch filled with shops that sell antiques, Art Deco, jewelry, and leather bound books.




London is a city that is known for its theatres. At the West End Theatre musical tickets are about $60.00. Tickets for non-musicals are around £34.12 for a stall and £18.60 for a seat in the mezzanine. London also features off Broadway performance. These innovative productions can be seen for as low as £6.20 at the New End Set, Tabars, or Bridwell theatres.

Places to Eat in London City

Once tourist have finished there sightseeing they will probably be ready to eat. London offers many high quality dining places that are easy on the pocketbook.

Gordon Ramsey at Claridge

This restaurant offers a full menu which includes rillettes of salmon, breast of quail, and Bailey’s brioche pudding from Gordon Ramsey London`s most acclaimed TV chef. A three course lunch for two cost £47.14.

London City and Hotels place to eat london


The Racine offer diners a wide selection of bistro food. Entrees such as roast cod, Steak béarnaise and grilled rabbit are on its menu. A two course lunch is £11.79 three courses cost £13.96.


At the Nobu restaurant, diners can order the bento box which includes popular creations like black cod, seared tuna and five types of sushi. The meal cost £23.57.

Popular Hotels in London City


Express by Holiday Hotel

london-express-by-holidayThe Express by Holiday Hotel is a 3 star hotel that is located in the heart of London. The hotel offers Air Conditioned, Non-Smoking Rooms, with Mini Bar, Cable / Satellite TV and in Room Movies. Rates start at £154.29.




Quality Crown Hotel Kensington

quality-crown-hotel-kensingtonThe Quality Crown hotel is a 4 star hotel that is centrally located in the Kensington and Chelsea district. The rooms feature Air Conditioned, Non-Smoking Rooms, with Mini Bar, Refrigerator, Cable / Satellite TV, and In Room Movies. Rates start at £297.6.




Hilton Waldorf Hotel London

hilton-waldorf-hotelThe Hilton Waldorf hotel is located near London’s financial center. The hotel rooms are Air Conditioned, Non-Smoking Rooms, with Mini Bar, Refrigerator, Cable / Satellite TV and in Room Movies. Rates start at £416.87.