Know Your Limits! Camp Site Rules and Regulations

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The first rule in camping is to use common sense. Imagine you are entering someone else’s house: be it a private camp site or total wilderness, it is the home of someone else and must be respected.

Camping means different things to different people. It includes camping in total luxury with a motorhome or “RV” or roughing it with nothing more than a sleeping bag.

If you use a motorhome, then most likely you will go to a privately owned camp site. The owner will clearly mark what is and what is not allowed.

General common sense will tell you not to make a mess. All rubbish must be properly disposed of, camp fires, if allowed, must be properly extinguished and there should be no excessive noise after 10pm. Most motorhome parks have an area for tents. So you can reserve a spot and pitch your tent, but the rules must still be followed.

Best Camp Site Rules

On the other end of the scale you have roughing it in the bush, or ‘wild camping’. Here common sense really comes into play because not as many rules will be posted. First, find a place that allows camping. Because so much damage has been caused in the past by careless campers, finding a good camp site can be difficult.

Obey fire rules. Especially during dry seasons there is a higher risk of starting a bush fire and forest rangers may have posted a fire ban. If you are caught with a camp fire during a fire a fire ban the penalties can be very severe. There are exceptions to all fire bans. Know your limits before you start a fire any time of year.

When heading out into forest, moorland or other remote areas, there are a few things you should know. Finding the perfect spot for you may take quite a bit of hiking. Make sure you know how to read the signs on the trees and the stars for directions, bring a compass and make sure you do not get lost. Many people get lost every year. It can take a rescue team many hours or even days to find you.

Do not feed the animals. This is very important. Once a wild animal tastes good food he cannot find in the forest, he will want that type of food all the time. Even fruits and vegetable that are good for deer should not be left behind. They have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and can track that food to a nearby town. They may break into people’s gardens to get to the food if they have to.

coffee campingDo not leave anything but your footprints. This is also extremely important. Rubbish not only looks bad, but it is dangerous to the wildlife. They will try to eat whatever you leave behind, causing serious damage to their digestive system, maybe even killing them.

Privately owned camp sites are also very strict about leaving a mess behind. The owners maintain the grounds, but they are not your personal clean up crew.

Follow the rules and you will have an enjoyable camping experience, no matter what type of camping you choose!

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