Learn to Surf In UK

One of the Mother Nature’s gifts for UK is its long and beautiful coastline. With so many beaches and bays, UK is a perfect location for the water sports enthusiasts. Newquay and Bournemouth are two of the top spot for tourists around the world, and two of the UK’s best surf towns.  Newquay is also well known as the ‘Surfing capital of Britain’.

Learn To Surf In UKWith its ten wonderful beaches perfect for surfing activities, the town of Newquay is a well established surf industry in itself. The population of the town increases almost four times during the peak surfing season. To accommodate so many visitors there is a large number of Newquay hotels near all surfing destination points.

Bournemouth is another large coastal resort located on the south coast of England. The Bournemouth beach is a wonderful venue for all kind of water sports including surfing. The town also features Europe’s first artificial surf reef which brought a tremendous increase in the number of surfers visiting Bournemouth from around the world. To accommodate this high tide of tourists hitting the Bournemouth coast, there are many Bournemouth hotels ready with all the luxuries and necessities.

If you are up for some surfing adventure this holiday, then Newquay and Bournemouth are the directions to head for. Both towns offer several surfing spots and learning spots for surfers of all kind; learners, beginners or experts. Depending on your skill level you will find the perfect surfing facility and a wide choice of Newquay hotels and Bournemouth hotels near it. Hotels Fairy helps you find out your desirable surfing point and locate nearby Newquay hotels or Bournemouth hotels.

Fristal Beach
Fistral beach is the centre of UKs surfing capital where the surf time is high when the tides are low. Many major surfing events are held here every year. The beach has its own lifeguard unit and other facilities such as cafes, shops and schools. Many Newquay hotels take advantage of this prime location and are providing top class hospitality and service. These Newquay hotels include the headland hotel, The Surfside hotel and many more.

Towan Beach
Towan beach is the smallest of all Newquay beaches and serves as a perfect learning spot for the beginners. The tides are normally heading straight and safe. The beach provides many facilities including a lifeguard unit during the high season. Many Newquay hotels provide top class luxury accommodation near this busy holiday spot. Some of the Newquay hotels in the nearby area are The Hotel Victoria, The Trevone hotel, The Trebarwith hotel and The Harbour hotel.

Boscombe Surf Reef
With only four artificial surf reefs around the world, Boscombe is Europe’s largest artificial surf reef. The surfing conditions and tides are excellent for professional and competent surfers and wind surfers. If you don’t consider yourself good enough for the Boscombe Tides then you can learn to surf at a nearest Surf school.

Many Bournemouth Hotels are located near this major tourist attraction so you can just take your walk along the beach to reach this surfers’ paradise. Among the popular Bournemouth hotels near the locality are the China Hotel and the Urban Beach hotels loaded with all the facilities and luxuries of a modern day top class hotel.