Wildlife Holiday in the Lake District

The Lake District Cumbria is the land of numerous shimmering lakes, majestic mountains and breathtaking landscapes. These natural and unsurpassed landscapes are a perfect habitat for some of the most unique species in UK. The Lake District offers a variety of aquatic animals, squirrels, mammals and birds which are rare in other parts of the country.

Wildlife Holiday - Bird at lake district

The Lake District is a perfect destination for wildlife lovers and those who want to spend their holidays as a learning adventure.

Many hotels in Ambleside, hotels in Windermere and hotels in Keswick are providing perfect accommodation near places which are a perfect setting for Lake District wildlife. Walking around your way in the Lake District you might come across the famous red squirrel or a red butterfly. It wont be surprising if you spot a peacock in nearby woods from the window of your residence.

Luckily enough, the choice is not limited. You can choose among numerous sites in the Lake District which provide a natural settings for many amazing creatures which are rare to be seen roaming freely in the wild. There are numerous wildlife parks and facilities which are a popular attraction for those who miss such accidental encounters or just can’t get enough of this wonderful wildlife.

1.    Trotters World of Animals
The trotters World of Animal is an interesting place to visit and watch hundreds of animals in open natural settings. The place is like a natural abode for both domestic and exotic creatures including birds and aquatic animals. The place is more or less like a zoo, and not at all like a zoo at a time. The place features some of the very unique animals such as the swimming cat, the smallest otter and the biggest monkey.

2.    Wildlife Oasis
Wildlife Oasis is a place to be for all the animal lovers out there in the Lake District.  The place is both a zoo and a museum which takes you to a journey of evolution. An interactive ‘hands on display’ is a unique experience of a lifetime.

3.     The Lakeland Equestrian Stud Farm
The Lakeland Equestrian is an amazing stud farm featuring well bred beautiful studs for ride or sale. Even if you are not in to riding or horse racing stuff, you can just watch and be amazed by the beauty of man’s best friend. For horse riding enthusiasts most perfect of accommodations can be found in any of the nearby resort or hotels in Windermere, Keswick and Ambleside.

4.    Whinlatter Forest Park
The Whinlatter forest park near Keswick is a nice place to find some of the Lake District’s unique species such as roe deer and red squirrel. It is the best place to find the wild ospreys nestling in an open natural setting of the park; an excellent opportunity for the Bird Watchers.

So the Lake District, providing an excellent home for the animals who are other wise finding it hard to survive in the industrialised world, also offers perfect luxurious and hospitable accommodations for its visitors.

Photo Credit: Kevin Cole