The Top 5 Thrill Rides

Thrill Rides

It is the indulgent nature of Las Vegas’ abundant sunshine, never-ending nightlife, many gambling opportunities, widespread fine dining and sexually-seedy underbelly which has earned the location its moniker of ‘Sin City’.  Those who proudly declare that they love Vegas do so because it is a space which has the power to make one “feel alive” (a decreased need for self-restraint will usually have that effect!) It is hardly surprising then, that the city is also littered with amusement rides to see the adrenaline levels of both tourists and locals racing.

Here are the 5 most thrilling rides that you should definitely check out if you ever get to experience the hedonism of Las Vegas holidays…


Insanity opened in 2005 and is located a whopping 900ft up the Stratosphere tower (which, unsurprisingly, contains a hotel and casino) on the Boulevard. If one looks at the speed stat of Insanity alone – 40 miles per hour – it is possible to make the mistake of thinking that this ride is on the tame side but spinning at this speed from an electric-green centrifuge extending 64 feet away from the tower, whilst tipped at a face-down 70 degrees angle with only a harness preventing the rider from falling to the car-littered concrete streets below is nothing short of terrifying!

Insanity is officially the second tallest thrill ride in the world (second only to Big Shot, a free-fall ride located 1,081 feet up the Las Vegas Stratosphere).

Those who can bear to keep their eyes open will be greeted with a fantastic view of historic downtown Vegas, though riders who keep their peepers firmly sealed shut throughout won’t be forgetting the ride for a very long time either!

Canyon Blaster

Canyon Blaster is the first ride located in Las Vegas’ climate-controlled Adventuredome theme park (Circus Circus) which appears on this list. Launched in 1993, the ‘Blaster is America’s only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster. The ride also comprises a helix twist and an in-the-dark track section towards the end of its one minute and 45 second duration.

As if that was not rousing enough already, this ride – which reaches speeds of up to 57 miles per hour and climbs to over 94 feet above ground level – also includes a sudden 66 foot drop and so it might feel like you have left your stomach behind for a while after you have alighted the ride!

Indoor roller coasters have a reputation of being a little bit rubbish compared to their outdoor rivals but Canyon Blaster sees this theory trampled. It’s no wonder this is the most popular attraction for visitors to Adventuredome!


The second Adventuredome ride which makes this list is Chaos. Built on a circular platform (which rises to a height of 36 feet), this ride sees its’ passengers rise, tilt and spin simultaneously to provide a three-dimensional effect rarely ever felt on other amusement rides. The circular platform spins whilst each individual car (tilted to a 70 degree angle) also flips on its own axis at random.

No two experiences of this two minute ride are ever the same, meaning its name is appropriate and that you will never get bored of the attraction.

Although a person’s first ride on the unpredictable Chaos – which travels at a speed of up to 12 rotations per minute – can be quite frightening, subsequent rides are a topsy-turvy laugh fest. Highly recommended!

Sky Jump

How does jumping off of the 108th floor of the Stratosphere tower sound? Scary as hell I am sure! Those who decide to face the Vegas sky jump (which – with its 855 foot plummet – is the highest in the whole world and the only one located in North America) have no one to scream with as they hurtle towards the ground (riders must jump solo), making the experience all the much scarier. It is a good thing that there is a well-stocked bar close to the jumping platform for the sourcing of Dutch courage!

Those who fear for their safety needn’t, for the free fall is a controlled one (think of its mechanism as a vertical zip line) but due to the speed of the fall, logic doesn’t trump the overwhelming emotion of fear. Sky Jump really is a Vegas attraction for the brave!

Manhattan Express

More commonly referred to as ‘The Roller Coaster’ these days, The Manhattan Express (with carts that are New York taxi cab-themed) was first launched back in 1997. The duration of the ride – which wraps around a recreation of the New York City skyline – is two minutes and forty seconds, meaning it is the longest ride located in Las Vegas. The ‘coasters track – which comprises vertical, dive and helix loops – reaches heights of up to 203 feet and drops riders a heart-stopping 144 feet at a 55 degree angle. Phew!

The ‘Express – which travels at a speed of up to 67 miles per hour – is so well-loved that each year, thousands of people choose to get hitched on it. Now that’s what I call taking the plunge!

Kenneth Coleman, the author of “Las Vegas: The top 5 thrill rides” used to work in a chapel providing Las Vegas weddings for both tourists and Vegas natives and so has experienced the majority of the rides mentioned above.