Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China – Image by mayakamina

Without a doubt, the Great Wall of China is one of the most significant and popular destinations in the entire country. At over 8,000 kilometres in length, it should come as no surprise that is an iconic landmark, and a source of pride for the Chinese people.

No trip to the country of China would be complete without seeing the incredible Wall first hand. While it is possible to locate the Great Wall of China on your own, there is no doubt that joining a tour will make the experience much more enjoyable, safer, and offer a greater opportunity for you to learn about the history and heritage of the site.

Here are some tips for visiting the Great Wall of China on an upcoming holiday tour:

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Find the Right Location: Since the Great Wall of China is thousands of kilometres long, there are obviously several different places that you can choose to view it.

The most popular choices are a few hours travel from Beijing, and are known as Badaling and Juyongguan. Of course, these are also the most crowded destinations as they are closest to the capital. If you want a more private or isolated journey, you should try to find a tour that brings you to a less crowded location along the wall, such as Mutianyu or Huanghuacheng.

There are hundreds of possible entry points along the wall, so having a guide is the best choice to ensure you have the experience you want.

Visit the Great Wall Museum: If you opt to explore the more popular site of Badaling, be sure not to miss the Great Wall Museum. It is rarely busy, but provides an incredible wealth of information about the location. You can see scale models of the wall, and how much of China it truly occupies.

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In addition, there are plenty of English signs and displays to learn about the timeline of the build, and the various Emperors who contributed to its construction. Unbelievably, the museum is free, but still rarely visited.

Paying for Each Section: There is an entry fee to visit the Great Wall of China from almost every point, although the price is affordable and quite fair. However, if you want to hike along a large stretch of the wall, you may be surprised to learn that there are fees associated with each section of the wall, meaning you can be charged more than once.

This is standard, so be prepared to pay a separate fee after a few kilometres. Remember that if you don’t want to pay, simply turn around and backtrack on the section you are already on.

Come Prepared: A tour guide can give you a specific list of items to bring, but keep in mind that even if it is warm in Beijing, on top of the wall it can be much colder. Bring along a jacket, snacks and water. There will likely be vendors at the various entrances as well if you want to purchase some souvenirs of your trip.