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At we would like to wish Happy New Year to all our fans, followers and subscribers on Facebook as well as on the other social media.

The Fairies are back in the office after the festive holiday season, and what a holiday season has been!!

We have had a great time with our families and friends, plenty of prezzies to open up, lots of kisses, good wine in our glasses, nice food on our tables, and lots and lots of love in our hearts. What else can we ask for?

Thank you for following us on Facebook and thank you for making 2012 a very special year for us.

Now a small confession, 2012 was a busy year at, a lot of work has been done in the office and on the background optimizing the website so our fairies can bring you the best hotel deals from around the world.

We are growing up as well, age wise and in numbers. We are now 3 years old and we run around a lot, like a toddler with tons of energy and enthusiasm, try to catch us if you can!!

New fairies have also joined our team. Welcome aboard gents and ladies we are going to have a great time together and that is just the beginning, within 2013 we will be recruiting more fairies so keep an eye on the website as well as on our Facebook profile.

If 2012 was a busy year for us wait until you see what we have in store for 2013, we are going places and you come with us. We don’t just mean a few places higher on Google (which is very welcome of course) but we are talking about traveling the world, with planes, ferries, trains, gondolas, riding a bike, or on foot we have our work cut out!!!

So stay tuned, the best are yet to come, we will be bring you prezzies  from our travels, photos, lots of photos, travel stories and the best hotel deals that we can get our hands on.

You can also be part of this as well, you send us your photos from your travels and your travel stories and we will do our best to publish your material on our website, Facebook and the rest of the social media that we have a presence. (By the way….we only accept original material not copies) So take your camera out and start snapping!!! You can even become a fairy and join our team. Why not!!

As we speak our fairies are traveling all over the world, many are circling around Greece, (We will be making an announcement on this soon!!!). One of our fairies just went to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan last night, we have fairies in Queensland, as well In London, Cape Town and Long Island. They do move around a lot, so even for us at the HQ sometimes is very difficult to keep up with them.

For one more time thank you for being with us, thank you for making one of the most popular hotels comparison websites. Thank you for you spreading the word for us. Keep up the good work we would like to see more Facebook Likes, Shares, Votes and Winks from you!! Let’s all have a great 2013.

Happy new year from