Alexandria City Centre

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One of the largest ports in Egypt and the country’s second-largest city, Alexandria attracts tourists by the truckloads. A magnificent city that effortlessly combines the commercial and pleasure sides of life, Alexandria has held great importance since ancient times.

With the Romans and Egyptians spreading their wings over this wonderful city, Alexandria is surely a place for those who are looking at learning more about these cultures and more.

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The Weather

Despite being in a desert-like environment, Alexandria’s proximity to the sea ensures that temperatures are cooler than in, say, Cairo. With the average highs, in summer, reaching only 300C, Alexandria is relatively pleasant in those months.

In winters, it can get quite cold although the sea, once again, prevents an extreme cold wave. Rain & hailstorms aren’t too uncommon though.

Alexandria City port

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Places of Interest

As a part of the Roman &, later, Egyptian civilizations, Alexandria has a rich history to share with the world. With buildings such as the famous Royal Library of Alexandria having ruled the knowledge-roost at one time, sights & sounds are filled with ruins and reminders of these empires.

Pompey’s pillar, the Acropolis and numerous Obelisks are part of this wonderful city, while the catacombs remind tourists of the way of life in medieval Alexandria.

Pompey’s pillar at Alexandria City

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However, Alexandria isn’t all about the past and the Orabi Square is a sign of downtown Alexandria and the city’s progress in modern times. As a commercial powerhouse in the modern global economy, Alexandria city has shown modern influences in its buildings, such as the Montazah Palace and the Presidential Palace.

The project to re-build the fantastic Royal Library of Alexandria City is underway while the Alexandria Museum acts as the biggest crowd-puller for ancient Egyptian & Roman artefacts.

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Sheraton Montazah Hotel

Sheraton Montazah HotelRight next to the fantastic beaches and tourist-spots of the city, the Sheraton Montazah Hotel, in Alexandria city centre, is one of the best hotels for tourists.

With the Jewelry Museum and the Montazah Palace & Gardens less than a kilometre away, guests can simply walk it down for the experience of a life-time.

Business travellers needn’t worry because the hotel is just around 15 kilometres from the airport and quite near to downtown Alexandria as well.

The hotel has some fabulous rooms where guests can enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Montazah Gardens. The presidential suite comes with a fax machine and kitchenette while the hotel’s business centre has enough facilities to suffice any business conference or meeting.

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Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu HotelRight in the centre of Alexandria’s modern western parts, lies the Radisson Blu Hotel. The hotel is a magnificent modern structure that highlights the sharp rise in Alexandria’s status in the world.

The hotel is near an 18-hole golf course and is also close to a number of shops, restaurants and clubs – taking care of all the shopping, dining and partying needs.

While the Radisson Blu Hotel offers excellent business and meeting facilities, there is a nearby convention & exhibition centre that makes arranging events easier.

The hotel has a wonderful restaurant with international cuisine mixed perfectly with local delights. The bar is extremely posh while the hotel, in itself, is ideal for business travellers as well as tourists.

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Mercure Romance Hotel

Mercure Romance HotelSet at the shore of the magnificent Mediterranean Sea, the Mercure Romance Hotel lives up to its name. Right on the edge of a beach, the hotel has a fantastic view of the sea as well as of Alexandria city.

The 81-rooms, at the Mercure Romance Hotel, live up to its four-star reputation and the excellent views are well-complimented by the modern amenities.

The hotel boasts of a fine restaurant that takes the dining experience to a whole new level, especially for those who enjoy getting pampered.

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