Adelaide City and Hotels Guide

Adelaide city
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Adelaide city is the capital of the Australian state, South Australia. With a population of over 1.28 million, it is also the most populous city of the state and the fifth largest of the country. But that is not Adelaide’s only claim to fame. The city is famous for its festivals, food, art, culture, shopping and sports.

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When is the best time to visit?

Adelaide, like the rest of the Southern hemisphere regions, has winter in July and summer in December. Adelaide is less cold than certain other Australian cities. Early March is the harbinger of many festivals in the city, which is the time when the summer heat is easing off. October through November is also a good time to visit as the weather is warming up and beaching experience is at its best.

What places to visit in Adelaide city?

If you are a history lover, you will not want to miss the Colonial Regency architecture embodied in the form of Ayers House. Glenelg Tramline is another historic sight to behold. Henley beach and Adelaide Oval cricket stadium are also must see places there. National Wine Centre of Australia and Adelaide Zoological Gardens are also places to visit.

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Where to Dine in Adelaide?

The city has whole streets dedicated to enhance your dining experience. One of the key eat street is Gouger Street. It is situated near the Adelaide Central.

Rundle Street is yet another option for those who like to dine in the open and in a casual atmosphere. It houses Alfresco dining, a popular food, wine and coffee joint. Hutt Street offers great breakfast options as well as Pizza outlets. Hindleystreet has a great wine bat called Apothecary 1878 and also the famous Red Ochre restaurant.

Where to dine in Adelaide
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If formal dining is more your thing then check out O’Connell Street and Melbourne Street for Adelaide’s trendiest and ‘in’ restaurants, such as The Manse, which is located inside a regal Victorian mansion. The Parade is yet another place bustling with cafes and pubs.

Popular Hotels in Adelaide City


Oaks Embassy Hotel Adelaide

Oaks Embassy Hotel AdelaideThis 4 star hotel is located at a distance of 0.9 km from the city centre and charges AUD 206 per night for Deluxe One Bedroom apartment. It is only 10 minutes away from the Adelaide international airport and has easy access to the city main shopping areas and bus station.

The hotel gets a thumb up from its customers for its superb service and great location.

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Rendezvous Allegra Hotel Adelaide

Rendezvous Allegra Hotel AdelaideThis 5 start hotel is situated about 0.4 km away from the city centre while the airport is only 15 minutes away from the hotel. Rendezvous Allegra Hotel charges a rate of AED 152 for a Deluxe King room per night.

The hotel is rated as having great service and superb location by its customers. The proximity to the city centre makes it the first choice for shoppers.

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Rockford Hotel Adelaide

Rockford Hotel AdelaideRockford is a 4 star hotel, only 0.8 km away from city centre. The hotel charges a rate of AED 143 per night inclusive of fees and taxes for a standard twin room.the room offers all regular amenities such as internet connection, a TV set with programming, a mini bar and so on.

The guests consider the hotel to have an excellent service, superb location and really clean rooms.

Find the best hotel rates in Adelaide city

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