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Take a trip to Barcelona

With a rich historical background and an amazing nightlife scene, Barcelona is usually high on the priority list of many jet-setters. With so much to do around the city, a weekend in Barcelona is not long enough to explore it entirely.

It still makes for a fantastic weekend break however, and will capture your imagination, making you want to see more and more.

trip to Barcelona

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Last call for the high street travel agent?

Last call for the travel agent? With

There has been much worry in the travel industry that the days of the high street travel agent may be numbered.

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Santorini Hotels – The Best of Fira Oia and Imerovigli

Holidays in Santorini are a magical experience where visitors get spectacular landscapes, picturesque villages, breathtaking sunsets, wonderful beaches, delicious food and excellent accommodation.

You will see that most of the hotels are located in three very popular villages, Fira, Oia and Imerovigli. Fira is capitol and the most cosmopolitan on Island and that is way Fira hotels are among hottest options for Santorini holidays.

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