The Ultimate Travel Guide to Borneo [PICS]

Orangutans in Borneo
Orangutans in Borneo
Travel Guide to Borneo - Kinabalu National Park
Kinabalu National Park

A travel guide to Borneo

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunrise over the ocean or the view through gentle fogs curling on a mountaintop? Borneo holidays offer you the chance to travel in luxury without giving up the fresh, exotic flavour that make holidays abroad so one-of-a-kind.

Here are just a few places where you can experience the wonders of this amazing country first-hand.

Kota Kinabalu
A tourist hot spot, Kota Kinabalu is the place to see and be seen on Borneo holidays. Shopaholics will love the endless stores and restaurants; art connoisseurs will appreciate the Sabah State Museum and Art Gallery. Thrill seekers won’t be able to resist Kinabalu National Park, home to hiking, cycling and sightseeing among some of the most unique flora and fauna. If you’re looking for a great place to experience authentic Indo/Malaysian culture, this is it!

Fly high with a trip to Banjarmasin, a thriving city just a short distance from the Meratus Mountains. Climb the cliffs and enjoy 360° views of the landscape or just breathe deep in the fresh air of one of Banjarmasin’s many outdoor cafes. Don’t forget to try ketupat kandangan, a snake dish that put Banjarmasin on the map!

Many travellers haven’t heard of Tanggarong, but their loss is your gain, because Tenggarong is treasure trove for Borneo history and culture. One look at Kutai Sultan’s Palace will take your breath away, and the royal mosques surrounding it are so picturesque that they’re quite literally featured on postcards. If you’re at all interested in Indonesian culture, if you’re looking to make your trip about more than just beaches and fine wines, then you won’t want to miss Tenggarong.

Central Kalimantan

Travel Guide to Borneo - Orangutans in Borneo
Orangutans in Borneo

While all of Kalimantan is worth a visit, Central Kalimantan is the only place where you can see the orang-utans! Stop by Tanjung Puting National Park for a rare glimpse of these incredible creatures. If you’re still feeling adventurous afterwards, hop on one of the many ferries that chauffeur travellers around Kalimantan and beyond.

One of the largest and most popular cities in Borneo, Kuching offers everything from beaches to shopping malls for the ultimate travel experience. Spend your days in the sun of Santubong, the resort coast, and then hit the boardwalk for your choice in cafes, clubs, boutiques, theatres and restaurants. The entire city transforms once the sun goes down, so if you’re looking for the ultimate in Borneo holidays, Kuching is the grand prize!

Where would you like to visit on your Borneo holiday or during your Malaysia honeymoon?

Author: The article Travel Guide to Borneo was written by Tom Browne, a travel writer who went to Borneo back in 2012. Borneo holidays are a fantastic way of experiencing a wildlife holiday and he wanted to share this experience with those looking to visit this fantastic destination.