Every year a huge number of tourists from all over the world travel to India. Traveling in India offers a deep insight in its rich cultural heritage and helps to discover its historic monuments, lovely landscapes and many more mind boggling sights which India Tourism provides.

If you’re planning to travel to India, in your next vacation, then here comes few tips and advice that you must keep in mind to ensure a relaxing and smooth trip.


  1. Always carry light luggage while you’re traveling and avoid the heavy bags unless you are planning to trek. It will be best if you pack clothes that are made up of cotton to beat the heat. You can also pack rayon, silk and linens as well.
  2. For the Indian winters, you can consider bringing wraps and pashmina shawls.
  3. If you’re planning to tour in the southern or mid India then consider India tour package that consists of mid as well as Southern India.
  4. If you are considering to visit the temples in the Indian sub continent, then always take off your shoes. You can also wear some hygienic pair of socks.
  5. Carry antibacterial gel as well as wipes to use them whenever required.
  6. Bring your toilet paper and other essential items.
  7. Beware of having tap water and always choose to drink purified drinking water in order to prevent water borne diseases.
  8. If you’re planning to visit India during summers, then you must be prepared to face humidity, hot weather and the dirt in the air.
  9. You can try to learn some common terms to be spoken while in India. Some of the most common terms include ‘namaste’, ‘ji’, ‘dhanyabad’ and others.
  10. If you’ve chosen loads of travel in your tour itinerary, then you can bring along an airline pillow for comfort on the crowded buses and trains.
  11. Take along all essential medicines with you in order to avoid any sort of medical condition during the tour.
  12. You should take along all needed medicines with you in order to avoid any kind of medical condition.


  1. Don’t take cabs without negotiating on the price prior of taking the seat.
  2. Don’t avoid taking the cabs as they are comparatively cheaper.
  3. Don’t carry expensive bags, jewelry, or any other precious accessories as thieves are not less in the sub continent.
  4. Never show too much of skin in public. You might not know what type of people you may encounter and meet.

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