Stress Free Flight

Have you ever been sat aboard a plane, or waiting at a terminal in an airport, when suddenly a rush of fear has crept up upon you, and you’re either worried over the safety of your journey, the possibility that you’ve forgotten something, or are just experiencing that strange feeling in the pit of your stomach, in anticipation that something bad may happen? Either way, plane journeys are not always as relaxing and exciting as they seem on the adverts.

A holiday abroad, for most people, is meant to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the year. Whether a person is going abroad to get away from the stresses of work, to spend some time with their partner or family, or to simply just experience something a little different…

A holiday abroad is generally a trip to eagerly look forward to. However, when stress is added to the equation, especially when a long journey to the destination is involved,

So, how can you lessen some of those stressful worries? Here are some top tips;

Make a list to have a stress free flightCreate to-do lists!

Although writing up a list may seem like a tiresome activity, it can help to ensure that you have remembered to bring everything along with you, and can help you to make sure that your home is safe and secure before leaving.

If you start writing up a list two to three weeks before your holiday, writing down all the things you need to pack, and what needs to be sorted at home, you can check over the list before you set off to the airport, and give yourself that reassuring piece of mind.

Organise your money!

It may seem like one of the most obvious things to do, but people still worry over how much money they are allowed to spend, and this worry can be maximised whilst a person is sitting with nothing much else to do, aside from browse the plane’s magazines and marvel at how expensive items during a flight can be.

To ensure you have as little money concerns as possible, it is always a good idea to set yourself a budget, and make sure money is available if you accidentally spend a little too much. Holiday loans can help to decrease worries, as they will give you that extra bit of money to play with.

listening to music while on an airplane for stress free flightKeep busy!

Always bring something along with you on your flight, to keep your mind entertained. This helps to sway your mind away from any worries you have about the safety of your journey.

You could bring along a book, some puzzles, an MP3 player to listen to your favourite tunes, or maybe even a little notepad to doodle in.

Make sure you’re well rested and fed!

Most people will deprive themselves of sleep before a flight, with the notion that they’ll be able to sleep during it. However, if you’ve been on a flight before, you know how hard it can be to drift off. If you’re worrying over how much sleep you’ve had, and if you are flying on an empty stomach, it will make you feel all the more stressed out. So it’s best to get a good night’s sleep beforehand, and to have a lovely nutritious meal.

With these simple tips in mind, they can help to decrease your stress levels, and make your flight as worry-free as possible. If you’re happy on the flight, think how lovely your holiday will be!

Stephanie Staszko the author of the “Top tips to ensure a stress free flight” writes on behalf of The Finance Facility who specialise in holiday loans for bad credit. You can drop Steph a line on Twitter @StephStaz