Six Top Holiday Spots for Singles

Whether you’re an unattached man or woman, here are our top six destinations for singles that’ll ensure you have the time of your life…

1. Thailand

Exotic destination brimming with possibility? Check. You’ve seen The Beach right? Picture your trip to Thailand like that, except with a less violent and surreal ending. Not only that, Thailand offers heart-thumping adventure, sublime secrets waiting to be discovered and endless possibilities waiting to be explored – the spectacular natural and cultural sights alone are worth the journey.

To add to this though there are also various festivals, events and exhibitions that happen throughout the year which will keep any solo traveller entertained to the max.

Top Holiday Spots for Singles - Thailand
Image by Adam Kahtava

2. Greece

If you’re looking for a party that’s not Ibiza, this is the place to go. A tourist hot spot for a variety of reasons, this fabulous holiday destination not only boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it also has spectacular weather, a range of sights to marvel at and a mythical party scene spanning a few islands.

Not only will you meet new people in abundance, but the vibrant culture and party vibe will ensure you have enough ouzo to fuel you as the sun goes down on the Mediterranean island.

Best Holiday Spots for Singles - Greece
Image by davenval

3. Barcelona

A beautiful coastline, vibrant nightlife and cuisine to write home about, this cosmopolitan city is the ultimate destination for single travellers looking for something… effervescent. Enjoy icy cocktail sundowners on one of the beaches, sample food from the myriad of cafes and restaurants on every corner, travel the city by bicycle and get into the laid back groove that makes this destination so famous.

The only trouble may be that you won’t want to leave any time soon.

Holiday Spots for Singles - Barcelona
Image by robert_carpenter

4. Sri Lanka

Might not sound like the ideal solo vacation spot, but think of the ideal place in which to hole up and write your memoirs, and this country off the southern coast of India sounds sublime. Think sprawling forests, misty hills, waterfalls and alluring beaches… mix that up with the charming people and abundance of heritage sites, and a trip to Sri Lanka sounds like an inspiring place to visit indeed.

Holiday Spots for Singles - Sri Lanka
Image by dushy.k

5. Morocco

Think massive sand dunes, mountains, deserts, sandy beaches and an exotic getaway that has been romanticised in countless novels and movies. Take your pick of resorts, choose from countless activities and sightseeing trips, go shopping in some of the most glorious markets known to mankind and even learn how to belly-dance if the mood strikes you.

Top Holiday Spots for Singles - Morocco
Image by Daryl Harrison

6. Los Angeles

The City of Angels baby! Take tours to cheesy Hollywood hot spots, stalk a few celebrities, meet some glam people and see all the stuff you’ve heard about in movies, in real life. You’ll not only be kept busy, but you’ll probably suffer from information overload.

It’s a great place to chill on the beach, indulge in all things American and possibly even hook up with a chiselled, struggling actor. The city knows no limits, and if you’re a keen solo adventurer, you shouldn’t either!

Best Holiday Spots for Singles - Los Angeles
Image by Smart Destinations

Jacky Letard, the author of the “Six top holiday spots for singles” is a travel blogger and writes about the many US and UK travel media.