Things to do in Paris - Eiffel Tower

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Bonjour mes amis!  So you are thinking of visiting Paris, the most romantic city in the world?  Whether the reason for your visit to the city is for fun or for pleasure, you are surely going to want to experience some of the spectacular sights that this city has to offer, and it has a lot!

I was lucky enough to live in Paris a couple of years ago and during this time I put together a list of the best things to do in the city.  Let’s have a look at some of them.

1.      Visit The Eiffel Tower

Yes, I know this is hardly original but come on – Paris just wouldn’t be Paris if it weren’t for the Eiffel Tower!  I definitely recommend taking the lift (or the stairs if you have the energy) to the top of the tower as the views over the city are breath-taking.

The queues to do this can be ridiculously long though so try and visit very early in the morning or after 6pm at night unless you want to stand in line for hours in the stifling Parisian heat.  Make sure you remember your camera.

2.      Take a Cruise on the River Seine

Paris isn’t called the most romantic city in the world for nothing so if you are in the city with your loved one why not take a cruise on the River Seine?  Not only can you feel all loved up but you can also see a number of the most famous sights of Paris along the way.

Aside from the general cruises there are also sunset cruises and dinner cruises available – take whichever suits you best and enjoy every second of it.

3.      Walk Down the Champs Elysees

The Champs Elysees is the most famous street in Paris.  It is the home of the Arc de Triomphe and hundreds of restaurants.  Unfortunately the old cobblestone road is now made of tarmac and home to lots of traffic though don’t let this stop you from visiting.

If you are feeling energetic there is even a way to climb to the top of the Arc.  If not there is also a lift.  Enjoy!

Things to do in Paris - Open-top Double Decker Bus Tour

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4.      Take an Open-top Double Decker Bus Tour

In my opinion this is a must for all first timers to the city.  Not only will you begin to learn your way around the city but you will also see a number of the main Parisian sights during your journey.  Most of the open top bus tours have a commentator who will explain about the history of Paris and answer any questions you may have.  It is also a relatively stress free way to travel from one attraction to another.

5.      Enjoy Some Croissants in a Traditional French Cafe

France is renowned for its cafe culture and this is especially true of Paris.  One of my favourite things to do when in the city was visit a traditional French cafe and have some croissants and a cup of strong French coffee.  Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it – before long this will become a daily activity of yours I’m sure!

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