Budget Luxury HolidayWhen you think of going on a luxury holiday most people automatically worry about how much it’s going to cost. Why? We should all know by now that with so many competing companies and on-line offers, luxury holidays no longer have to be expensive.

Whether you’re going on a European or worldwide vacation you can experience those touches of glamour without breaking the bank. So, keep that money safe and secure in your bank account, we’re going to guide you towards your dream holiday at your dream price!

1: Shop Around

This means look on and off-line. If you spend time searching on-line, you can usually find the better deals, however sometimes on the off-chance you might be able to find a high street travel agent who are promoting special offers.

Keep your eyes peeled and don’t be afraid to go in and ask! Put in the hours of searching and you’ll be sure to see the financial savings rewards.

Don’t make the mistake of being lured into the first offer you see. Make yourself a spreadsheet, give yourself a deadline and then review all of the deals you’ve found by that chosen deadline.

2: Look for Voucher Codes

If you’re looking to book your holiday online, always search for a voucher code beforehand. There are many websites that offer vouchers codes for holidays between certain periods or if you are a first time customer. Find a good offer and you can knock sometimes up to 15% off your stay! Some companies also offer refer-a-friend holidays discounts so be sure to hassle friends and family that have recently been on holiday!

3: Sign Up For National Deals and Mailing Lists

Here’s a great tip, sign up for travel agent email newsletters and you’ll be the first to find out about any special offers or discounts. You’ll have to act fast those as these are usually offered in limited quantities but you can get some incredible offers.

Try setting up a separate email address solely dedicated to your holiday information. That way you can quickly filter through and find all the best deals. National ‘coupon’ offers are also worth signing up to as they frequently offer deals on luxury holidays.

4: Consider the Season

Remember, luxury does not always mean middle-of-the-summer-sun. If you want to find a bargain try searching in the off-season where you can still experience great whether and hit the beach safe in the knowledge that you’ve saved a fortune! Look to find holidays in September, October and November and avoid any school holidays where prices sky rocket!

5: Travel with Family or Friends

Travelling with a large group of people can be fun and can also be extremely cost effective. Large luxury villas are spacious enough to fit a number of people without it feeling too claustrophobic. In fact, most luxury villas have en-suite bathrooms or balconies to each room which in effect, offers you more than some costly hotel rooms.

The cost of booking a luxury villa between friends or family may be considerably more than if you were staying in a hotel room alone or with a partner.

Scott Cole the author of the “Top 5 tips for finding a budget luxury holiday” is an avid traveller who loves nothing more than to talk about the wonders of the world and report on luxury holidays in the UK and abroad.