Seashell Heaven by Christina Ruta/flickr

The long white stretches of sandy beaches, sights and sounds of nature, and majestic palms make Sanibel Island an ideal subtropical location for a peaceful break, whether you’re traveling with or without the family. If you want to relax, the soft beaches stretch for miles. If you’re more of a sporty type, you can walk through nature preserves or bike along miles of paved paths that crisscross the entire island.

Whether you rent a condo or a cottage, stay at a hotel or a campground, you’ll enjoy the sounds of the birds flying overhead and the visions of dolphins jumping just off shore.

Sanibel Seashells

Locals and tourists have been known to adopt the Sanibel Stoop, the hunched-over position of a seashell collector. If you’re used to strolling down a beach and rarely catching sight of a real seashell poking out of the sand, you’re going to be blown away!  The island’s north-south orientation practically beckons thousands of beautiful shells to land on its shores.

Check out the phenomenal exhibit of shells at the Bailey-Matthews Seashell Museum. You may want to visit this unique museum before hitting the shore, so you can learn about the shells and fossils that have been collected on the island—and also find out more about Sanibel’s history and environment while you’re there. Click here to read more »