I love watching horror movies and reading scary novels. My friends used to tell me that I was a really weird person who got her kicks out of being scared. Anytime I see a horror movie trailer, you can be sure that I would be checking out when it would start showing in the movie theatre and I would be the first in line.

If you are a horror freak like me, you might want to visit some of what I consider the scariest places this summer and have a gloriously frightening experience.

Scary Destinations - The castle of count Dracula

The Castle of Count Dracula

The Castle of Count Dracula

I am crazy about vampires! Not the romantic type ones from movies like “Twilight” but more like Christopher Lee, who was my favorite vampire character, Count Dracula. And where else would you go to have a taste of this bloodthirsty Count but in his castle in Transylvania, or is it Romania? I think it must be the creepiest destination anyone could go to, to get the fright of his life.

Scary Destinations - Alcatraz



There are so many mysteries that surround this infamous prison and most of those who have had a chance to visit have reported feelings of uneasiness while touring the area. I myself have had first-hand experience of getting goose bumps and sensing that I was being watched by some unearthly presence forever locked up in the prison grounds.

The whole atmosphere is eerie and not surprisingly, accounts of supernatural sightings and other strange occurrences have been related by very reliable sources. Definitely a spooky place.

Scary Destinations - Salem cemetery



Salem is notorious for its witches who were supposedly executed back in the 1600s for practicing witchcraft, though a lot of them apparently were innocent.

One of the areas to go to while you are there is where these witches have been laid to rest (hopefully), along with those who had put them there.

You can only imagine the whole atmosphere of the burial grounds. I find cemeteries frightening enough as they are, but with the most sinister of characters buried here, I really couldn’t ask for more. I don’t think you would either.


Queen Mary Ship

The Queen Mary

I think that old cruise ships are the most haunted places anyone can ever visit. The Queen Mary is exactly that, a ghost ship like no other. Although I do love being scared out of my wits, I wouldn’t be caught alone walking around this particular ship.

The stories that surround it are spine-chilling, from ghostly figures floating around the deck to unexplained noises completing the whole haunted atmosphere. This is definitely one good scare you wouldn’t want to miss.

So there you have it, some of the scariest destinations to go to, in my expert opinion. There are so much more of course, but I think these are good places to start. Enjoy!