We all have a different idea about what’s stylish and what’s not, and it’s pretty obvious some people don’t even care, but for those that do, where are the best places to see and buy style?

There are two destinations which are always going to be up there and that’s not just because of the fashion, it’s because the people are beautiful too.  There’s an air of sophistication, in even the most ‘ordinary’ of outfits.


fashionable destinations

Now to some Milan may be old hat and there are more up and coming trendy places to visit, but, it’s not just about the clothing or the beautiful people, it’s the atmosphere.  It’s elegant and expensive, and if you’re cool here, you can be cool anywhere.


Paris - Stylish destinations

Another of the ‘classic’ style destinations and it isn’t the catwalk styles that are necessarily seen on the streets.  Just like Milan it can be simple and yet extremely cool.  How do they do it?


Brazil - stylish destination

Brazil, especially Sao Paulo, is the place to go for skintight clothing in some incredible colours. Brazilians are outrageous and love to have a good time, that’s reflected in the clothes, and sometimes lack of them.


Australia is a top stylish destination

How to look cool in beachwear even when you’re not at the beach.  The totally laid back Australians look super cool and yet still sexy in their ‘thongs’; flip flops not underwear to Europeans, shorts and casual t shirts, they also have a great relaxed evening look too.

For a more relaxed style where street and beach fashion are totally cool try:


Fashion in Spain

Spain has some of the best high street fashion with stores such as Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear, now well respected international chains.  Shoes and accessories are also things that make even the most basic jeans and a shirt stylish; and in Spain the leather goods are well made and inexpensive.

Cities such as Madrid and Barcelona have a great choice of affordable fashion for everyone and as a consequence people look good out on the street.

And for something totally different:



Japanese catwalk

Japan is a mix of conservative yet beautiful clothing combined with some outrageous designs for the young and rebellious.  There are the expensive collections of both the European and Japanese designers which are elegant and refined and then there is the other side of the coin, the incredible designs which are more like works of art.  The art inspired creations of the young are a way of expressing individuality and they do that in a big way, especially on the trendy street of Tokyo.

No doubt you’re thinking what about New York, LA, and London?  This is by no means a definitive list, and who’s to say what great fashion and style are?  Maybe, to the tribes of the Inca or the Masai, its not fashion at all, you decide.