Packing up your essentials is an integral part to planning your holiday and making sure you have everything you need. In this article we’re going to look at some of the best ways to pack your bags, what you should ensure you don’t forget and how to make sure everything is safe and secure.

packing your luggage for a long trip

We’ll start in the obvious place of what to pack as this is the most vital part. Of course you have your essentials like clothes and wash things to consider and these should be your first port of call.

Remember to pack additional clothes and prepare for all weather as even if you are expecting sun swept shores this might not be the reality you arrive to. Also make sure to pack something comfortable to travel back in so you can keep the relaxation a holiday bestows for as long as possible. Once these are all laid out and ready you need to think about the other essentials.

Firstly we would recommend a first aid kit with everyday medicines and plasters etc. as these can prove incredibly useful. Secondly you will want to consider your electrical goods and adaptor.

If you are taking mobile phones and camera equipment make sure they are in protective cases as luggage can often be damaged in transit. An adaptor for whichever country you are travelling to is essential as otherwise as soon as your batteries die you can’t recharge them.

Finally make sure you have a copy of all your important travel documents in your bag including itineraries and spare flight tickets etc. With these make sure you have written down your passport numbers and your traveller cheque numbers if applicable as these will make life a lot easier should anything go missing.

packing your luggage for travel

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When it comes to hand luggage make sure you have all your documents and any other essentials. It is a good idea to carry some snacks and sweets and any air sickness tablets you may need but also remember to pack light as you don’t want your carry-on luggage to be too bulky. The new rules for flying mean that you can’t take any liquids over 100ml and this includes water and make up as well as other things.

Now we turn to the actual packing. Whilst neatness is of course brilliant you also want to make sure that everything stays secure. Pack your electrical goods and any other delicate items towards the centre of your case so that you can ensure that they stay safe. It’s a good idea to wrap anything that might break in clothes you don’t mind getting crinkled.

Once this is done we’d recommend packing your wash things by wrapping them in a plastic bag or two and placing them in the centre of your case. There’s nothing worse than exploding shampoo bottles so make sure they are wrapped up well. Now that everything important is packed it’s time to weigh your case to make sure your luggage isn’t overweight.

As you are likely to come back with more than you started with (who can resist holiday shopping) it is a good idea to take a small portable luggage scale with you so that you can weigh your cases and hand luggage before taking your return flights.

It is worth briefly going over additional security that you should use with your luggage. Firstly make sure you use padlocks on your cases so that no one can tamper with your bags or steal your items. It is a good idea to use padlocks that are reasonably heavy duty and ensure you have a spare set of keys.

Finally make sure you leave identifying marks on your cases so that you can keep track of them. This should include identifying colours and luggage labels which give your contact details at your hotel and your hotel.

Ben the author of the “Practical tips on how to avoid over packing your luggage” worked for a luggage scale manufacturing company before becoming a travel advisor. He also enjoys plane spotting and also runs a blog in his spare time.