For Hollywood car junkies who also happen to be among the loyal hordes of 007 diehards, the James Bond Museum in Keswick, UK resembles a Mecca of automobiles of some sort. Stashed in the museum are the exact automobiles used in filming James Bond films, from the prominence of Sean Connery to the promising portrayal of Daniel Craig.

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The James Bond Museum - Aston Martin 007

The James Bond Museum – Aston Martin 007

Among the staple fixtures of Bond cars in the museum include the Toyota 200GT, which was used for the film You Only Live Twice with Sean Connery at the lead. Branded as the first sports car ever made a Japanese manufacturer, there are only three known Toyota 200GT convertibles. The one is the Bond Museum in Keswick still has the original control panel which was used during the making of the movie.

While recent Bond movies saw European cars trumping it out, the Bond film franchise also saw American muscle cars streaking through. In the movie Diamonds Are Forever, the Ford Mustang Mach-1 made a great debut and did a really cool 2-wheel stunt when James Bond and Tiffany Case tried to elude the Las Vegas police. The car in the museum is the actual car used in the film.

With the actual Ford Mustang Mach-1 in display at the James Bond museum in Keswick, there is no doubt American hardcore automobile enthusiasts would fill the Keswick Hotels just to see this baby in its unadulterated glory.

Among the latest additions to the line of Bond cars in the James Bond Museum in Keswick is Colonel Zao’s battle-modified Jaguar XKR and his Osprey 5 Hovercraft. Colonel Zao was the rogue North Korean agent who teamed up with Gustave Graves and gave our her Bond a very hard time in the movie Die Another Day.

But it is just not the cars that are on the rack at the museum. Also showcased are several iconic vehicles that have graced Hollywood, such as the Dr. No’s Dragon Tank, the Lotus Esprit S1 car/submarine, the BSA motorcycle, and the famous Bond jetpack.

The James Bond Museum - Lotus Esprits 007

The James Bond Museum – Lotus Esprits 007

The James Bond Museum is located in Keswick, UK and open every day from 10AM to 5PM. Are you planning to spend some time in Keswick and see the James Bond Car Special at the James Bond Museum? You can begin your trip by doing a complete hotel price comparison on the large selection of Keswick Hotels.