Free Airport Travel - Travelling Light If you’re traveling in your own country then the process may be relatively hassle free but what if you’re going to a completely different country? It can take a very long time to navigate the queues in the airport, immigration and security.

However you can shorten the time that you spend hanging around the airport by following these simple tips.

On your trip out you can reduce the hassle factor by checking in online and arriving at the airport early. If you happen to be carrying a bag all you have to do is drop it off and then clear security. Speaking of security, while you are waiting in line read the signs so you know what to do when you arrive.

If you don’t have a travel friendly laptop bag – and sometimes even if you do – you will have to take it out for inspection. And depending on where you are going you might also have to remove your belt and shoes. Be ready before it’s time to go through the scanner.

Most of the time when you enter a country where you are not a citizen (except, of course, for Europeans visiting parts of the European Union) you have to go into a separate line to clear immigration and comply with the entry requirements.

If you’re given the choice the best line to choose is the one that is next to the one where citizens are being processed. That’s because those lines will clear first and when they start moving people into those lines you will be first in the queue for quicker processing.

It’s amazing how many people get to the front of the queue and then discover that they have not filled in an essential bit of paperwork. If you are given a landing card on the plane, fill it in on the plane while you have time to assess what is required.

Make sure that you supply all the information that is needed so there will be no hold-up when you get to the immigration queue. There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching the front of the line and then having to start over because you forgot something.

These days with reduced luggage allowances and high fees for excess baggage it’s a good idea to travel with carryon luggage if you can manage it. This can work on a short trip especially if you’re prepared to buy liquid cosmetic items at each end, avoiding the need to check your bags.

When you travel with a carryon you don’t have to wait for your baggage and you can usually walk straight through the green line with no questions asked by the customs officials. These tips alone can save you minutes, sometimes hours on your trip. If you travel regularly it could be worth it.

Freelance writer Sharon Hurley Hall the author of “How to have hassle free airport travel” writes today for Edinburgh Flats who provide Edinburgh short term accommodation.