Ecotravel - National Park in Costa Rica

Costa Rica National Park

Ecotravel. By now we are all familiar with the term. Referred to as the latest trend, ecotourism is the newest buzzword in travel circles and advertising copy.

But what is it? Perhaps the reason its been so easily tagged as a trend is that the definition of ecotravel can get a little gray. Ecotravel is, quite simply, the next generation of travel.

Its definition continues to evolve, but for the sake of simplicity, think of it as a marriage of adventure, discovery and environmental responsibility. Its travel with a conscience, and all sectors of the travel industry are virtually charging down the many paths of ecotourism. This, is a good thing.

Ecotravel is changing the way we think about our vacations. The activism that we often lose sight of in our work-a-day lives is evolving into an important component of our leisure time. Explore, study, interact.

Discover that rest and relaxation does not necessarily mean lying flat on your back on a beach somewhere, staring into the clear blue sky for a week (although we have to admit that sometimes that does not sound like too bad an option either!).

Ecotravel is the newest option for divers and the possibilities are limitless. Swim with orcas in Norway. Study and help researchers collect data on the coral reefs of Roatan, Honduras, or the endangered humpback whale in Costa Rica.

Explore ancient Mayan ruins in Belize. Or go on a non-stop, action-packed ecoadventure in the national parks of Costa Rica. Of course travel is simply one aspect of a world that is using the color green more and more creatively.

We always knew that… As travelers we always had a good grasp of ecotravel, even before it became tres chic. Why else would people travel thousands of miles to swim with a particular species of fish, or to view rare and fantastic coral?

It is a greater respect for the environment at large that lingers, along with the adventure, comraderie and relaxation that characterize a dive experience. Certainly as divers we are close to the heart of this new travel revolution. But, after all, everything does seem to come leaping and scratching out of the earths watery depths and onto the earth at large.

On a global level, ecotravel could be one incredibly pleasant way to underwrite this generations insurance policy. Clean-up, study, acquire a knowledge of the world while you are on vacation, and help insure the existence and endurance of the planets glorious oceans, reefs and ecosystems for future ecotravelers and divers to enjoy. Sounds like a hell of a trend!

Samet Bilir the author of the “Color of Ecotravel” is a freelance writer who writes about practical technology and online shopping products.