How to Choose Luxury Holiday Accommodation in Turkey


Vacations to Turkey have become increasingly popular in recent years and you can understand why. Turkey offers great weather, diverse culture and plenty of activities around the country for people of all age groups to enjoy.

By choosing Turkey you know that great holiday memories lie ahead and so now it’s just about making every second enjoyable.

One of the best ways to do that is by finding accommodation that’s going to make you feel safe, secure and above all else, incredibly pampered! By choosing a luxury accommodation, you’ll be welcomed into a home away from home that’s full of mod-cons and exclusive amenities.

Whether you go for a sun-soaked day at the Olimpos beach or a hiking journey across the Taurus Mountains, there are a wide range villas in Turkey that will guarantee you a soothing, intimate and lavish atmosphere when you return at the end of each day.

Let’s face it; even the most beautiful locations in the world have their share of bad hotels or villas. So let’s run through a few ways to ensure that your Turkish holiday experience is the best it can possibly be!


Where To?

First up, where are you heading? You could find the best hotel or villa in Turkey but it could be a pretty disappointing holiday if you leave yourself too far away from a beach or town centre. If you really want to be in the heart of Turkish life, search for boutique hotels in the cities of Istanbul or Izimar.

Popular hotels here include Cirigan Palace and Four Seasons Istanbul at Sultanahmet. Just looking to relax and unwind? Then maybe you’ll be best suited in finding a private villa somewhere along the glistening Turkish Riviera.


Type of Accommodation

Turkish accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes, from secluded cottages in the mountain landscapes to beachside villas or inner city boutique hotels. So once you’ve decided on your location, you can start narrowing down the type of accommodation you’d like to stay in.

There are a host of luxury hotels in Turkey which offer similar perks to luxury villas such as plush living areas, entertainment gadgets and fully equipped kitchen for self-catering, though they might lack the privacy that a lavish villa can offer.

Similarly, if you’re considering booking a villa, remember that you may have to pay extra for a maid or cleaning services. Also if you’re staying in a secluded villa, you may have to travel further to reach the nearest town, therefore make sure you account for a hire car within your budget.

Accommodation in Turkey's - Istanbul at night 2016

Search Online

This seems incredibly obvious but it can often be overlooked during the excitement of booking a holiday. For example, a simple Google search of “Istanbul  villa reviews” or “Islamlar villa holiday reviews” will provide you of plenty of information as to the hotels or villas to start considering as well as those to steer clear of!

You may even be able to contact those that have left reviews for further information, which could prove valuable if you’re considering renting an expensive luxury villa.

Also by searching online you should be able to find the best deals and additional information or photos for any hotels you’re considering. Some online travel operators now even offer you the opportunity to ‘tour’ the hotel through panoramic photos or videos.



When considering your location, make a note of the local attractions or things you really want to experience whilst on holiday. If you’re going to pay that bit extra for luxury accommodation, you want to enjoy all the perks that the accommodation has to offer.

Some hotels offer discounted excursion packages which may be ideal for those interested in finding out more about Turkey’s notorious Ottoman and Byzantine empires. If you choose a large hotel complex you may even have access to exclusive spas or high quality restaurants.


Alternatively, if you’re staying somewhere secluded in the mountains, you may want to ensure you have a private Jacuzzi or swimming pool to sooth away those aches after a day of adventuring.

If you’re going on a family holiday, a private villa with plenty of in-house entertainment such as Blu Ray players, games consoles or a large garden may be a wise choice to keep that happiness rolling!

Scott Cole the author of “How to choose luxury holiday accommodation in Turkey” is a travel writer who loves nothing more than experiencing the unique, diverse atmospheres that Turkey have to offer.