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Cancun City beach
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From a small fishing island unknown to the outside world to the world’s most popular tourist destination, that has been the fairytale story of Cancun city. Although the first step towards tourism was a government initiative, the popularity of the resort-town has swollen beyond belief. The city has a rich history of Mayan culture and still shows signs of their existence on various parts of the island.

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In Cancun city, the weather is dry and humid, like any tropical city. The average high stays around 310C while the average lows are around 220C throughout the year, with very little variation. The sea-breeze prevents temperatures from going higher, and the distinctly long rainy season lasts from May to December, also inviting certain tropical storms in the process. This is, probably, the best time to stay away from this beautiful island.

Cancun City Zoo
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What to Do Cancun City 

The most common thing that tourists come to Cancun for is “Relaxation”, with a capital ‘R’. The place is known for its beaches and for the few who come to Cancun looking for other forms of sight-seeing, there are few options. However, there is always the option of taking boat or jet-ski tours of the Nichupte Lagoon.

Cancun is also the place to start your journey to Chichen Itza, Coba and other massive Mayan ruins as well as the Dos Ojos and Il Kil cenotes.

Cancun City centre
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Tourism has led to a wild and active nightlife, ensuring that there are more than enough ways to keep oneself busy in the island of Cancun. Restaurants, clubs and shopping options are abundant and cater to all budgets, keeping every guest happy.

Popular Hotels in Cancun City


Intercontinental Presidente Hotel

Intercontinental Presidente HotelThe Intercontinental Presidente Hotel is a fantastic hotel located just minutes from the beach, minutes from the convention centre and right in the heart of all the action. There are shopping and dining options right next to the hotel as well as a golf course within a few minutes’ walk.

Whether swimming with the dolphins or heading down to Mayan archaeological wonders, the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel is ideally located for it all!

With almost 300 rooms, the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel has all modern amenities and a few special ones such as Ice Machines, a Whirlpool, lit-tennis courts for those night-games and a fantastic news-stand. There are also many restaurants in the hotel as well as a full-service spa, steam room & Jacuzzi.

The hotel also has a well-equipped business centre for those few who might want to work in this party-town.

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Le Blanc Spa Resort

Le Blanc Spa ResortThe Le Blanc Spa Resort is located a few minutes from downtown Cancun. Located on a private beach that hangs over the ocean and lagoon, the resort is surrounded by water-sports and party-spots as well as overloaded with shopping and dining options.

There are archaeological sites nearby, designer stores as well as world-class cuisine, all within minutes of the Le Blanc Spa Resort.

As the name suggests, the resort is a spa, before anything else. Guests have access to some of the most relaxing procedures from around the world, offering all-inclusive rooms to all its guests. This means, a single room-rent includes full access to the resort’s gymnasium, Jacuzzis, hair salon, spa services and much more.

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Courtyard Hotel

Melia Buenos Aires Reconquista HotelThe Courtyard Hotel is all about giving its guests a different experience to the island. Placed right outside the Cancun airport, the Courtyard Hotel is closer to large universities than it is to the beach.

However, there are plenty of food, drinks and shops around to still create that party-atmosphere that Cancun city is known for.

The hotel is just minutes from downtown Cancun and with its excellent amenities, is a popular stay-over option for guests. There is a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and even a full-fledged gym at the premises, ensuring a comfortable stay for business & leisure travellers.

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