Old for New

Over 70s Travel in a bus “The older the wiser” is the truth of what happens when approaching the second half of our centenary.  See here how the elderly get leaner by utilising their entitlements to travel.

The years up to and over 70 have loads of offerings to fulfil any hardback copy, and currently with the advancement of medication and food additives, there is full expectation to live on to see at least another two volumes of life’s stages in pages.

The benefits of freedom passes and senior travel discounts far outweigh the size of the senior purse; they also have been proven to outweigh the dress size too!

Insure the In-law

In retrospect, travelling locally and travelling abroad tend to portray two considerably different stories.  Locally an elderly person is heralded as a person who has been there, done that, worn the tee-shirt, and deserves the bus pass. Whereas international travel tends to view the much older person as more risk, more time, more money.

Over 70s travel insurance is cheap compared to before, and much more prevalent today than ever, as more seniors are utilising the technology enabling travel deals to capture moments that were practically unavailable in the past.

The average over 65 is more active than some 35 year olds these days, and the general findings that are linking this increased activity with improved health in the elderly is yet another reason why freedom passes and discounts are the way to go.

Travel Toll

Over 70s Travel and take photos The cost of freeness is most certainly a considered measurement of the economy, as some fair to forget that in general terms, if a group of people are unable to generate wealth, they will be deemed as using it.

The cost of running services and granting them as a free support for those over 60 was measured in 2006 as costing almost 1billion. Since then there have been a few reviews, which have linked the criteria for cut price elderly travel to the proceeding of the pension plan.

In 2011 the pension age is 60, in 2016, the pension age is set as 65, and in 2018 the pension is set as 66. As time progresses the toll could be affected in one of two, if not both ways: the ‘senior travel toll’ will reduce as the age increase eliminates those of lower ages; or the toll will not really be affected as improvements in age mean there are significantly more people aged over 65 than before.

Senior Selection

The ability to travel for low cost or no cost is having an immediate effect on how long people live.  More availability to use transportation for a discount supports senior’s needs to get about so they make more plans to do stuff in their daily lives.

A 2011 report states that elderly folk who have access to travel discounts are more likely to create or find a reason to use the transportation, compared to others who for any reason may not have access to discounts and so settle indoors.

This increase in transportation created a reduction of weight gain. The older generation are getting fitter as they find it easier to flutter.  Studies in 2008 showed that a quarter of those who use the travel discounts were fit compared to the rest classed as obese.

Fighting Fit

Over 70s Travel the world Ages of over 70 or over are great times to enjoy life with support to ensure that the past days of service are rewarded with freedom and pleasure.

The discounts in transportation costs are now a proven way of strengthening the cardiovascular and breathing for more energy, better ingesting and usage of food intake,  and suitable weight gain to support the heart in powering a healthy mind and body.

Age UK are one group of many who are promoting the benefits of discount and free travel for seniors.  Other benefits include an increase in friend and family visits, and an increased ability to help others with shopping for items, or posting packages, or picking up young children.

Entitlements support Enlightenments

The older generation that utilise these travel offers receive more benefits than they realise.  Do research for elderly travel discounts and encourage others to use the bus and train more.  The basic benefits of movement and exploration have been found to be more than a simple ease on the pocket, it is also a practical way to improve the heart.

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