Best Beauty Gadgets for Travel

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or tend to stick to home unless it’s a major holiday, stowing all of your beauty gadgets into your carry-on can be a bit of a nightmare. With strict airline requirements, and the cost of checked baggage, it makes sense to pack smart and small. Here are some of the best beauty gadgets for travel:

Best Beauty Gadgets for Travel - Solids lush shampoo1.Solids

Though they aren’t technically gadgets, switching to solids can save space in your bag and have you through security quicker than you can blink. offers solid shampoos, conditioners, soaps and lotions that are perfect for travel. Though they can be a bit pricey, they last virtually forever!

2 . Flat Iron

Travel-sized flat irons like the Dual-Voltage found on are a life saver. Not only can you straighten your hair but, in a pinch, flat irons can be used to curl your hair as well. Buy your iron well ahead of your travel date. You’ll have time to practice creating fabulous hairstyles with this one small tool!

3. Travel Rollers

Think you have to forgo setting your hair with hot rollers when you travel? Think again! This small bag can be tucked easily into the corner of your carry on and weighs less than two pounds. Inside you’ll find eightlarge and four small rollers; perfect for the girl on the go! And, with the Conair name, you can be sure that the kit is high quality.

4.Lighted Mirror

Traveling no longer means leaving your make-up mirror at home! This handy accessory has two mirrors, 1x and 10x, and LED bulbs can illuminate one at a time or both; you choose. The mirror is small enough to be handheld yet sturdy enough to stand on its own base. Folded, the mirror is only 4 inches in diameter. That’s not much larger than your compact!

vio-light-toothbrush-sanitizer5.VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer

Let’s be honest, even if you walk into the cleanest hotel room in the world,you still never know who’s been in there doing who knows what! Are you sureyou want to set your toothbrush down on that bathroom counter? The VIOlightwill take your worries away. Simply place your toothbrush into the holder and a UV light will sanitize the brush. Once the cycle is complete, VIO automatically turns itself off. It’s so handy that you just may find yourself sanitizing your toothbrush at home!

Traveling with a carry-on often means having to pick and choose among your favorite beauty products and gadgets. With these travel sized options, you’re sure to look as beautiful on your holiday as you do at home. If we skipped something that you simply can’t leave behind, an Internet search will undoubtedly locate you a travel sized option!

Cindi Lewis writes for a natural skincare and beauty products online retailer.