Great tips for women to Travel Cheaply

A travel or a vacation involves money, a good deal of it. Since money is involved much it doesn’t mean you never could save few. Few might argue on saying we cant save nothing out on a travel, that’s right if they got only plan A.

You know there is always a plan B. There are lot small things people disregard or take less care about, but these would get you great savings, the ones who know save much as they could.

Travel and tourism is a big moolah business and that you could see to yourself. Your trip is dearer to them, they make money, much of it when you are unaware of the deals waiting outside.

Look out for more deals, good that you have competition, sure you would get the best deals. If you know where to get the right deals, right information, that would be great you would find your wallet enough to cater your vacationing and never would there be a need to postpone your trip.

Time on research is never a waste

This is how you start rolling to travel cheap, spend a bit of time on research. Its not much of a job to do and sure it delivers amazing results. When you know whats on your way, the facilitiesyou got, it would be lot easier in terms of management and in terms of money, that’s what we all are concerned about, at least most of us.

Search online more about the place you are to visit,get information about various travel options you got, bed and bread, amusements, vacation sites, etc.

Means you can go on all over in rough about the place you are to destine. You may seek advise from local bloggers, sure you could get the best of directions to travel and stay cheap.

Be an early bird

Its not only the matter of risk, you need to plan on things and make bookings on time. Chances are there you could miss the trip on the planned day to some other day that you are not happy about.

Arrange for things early and you can save chunks of cash on travel, after all who doesn’t know one can save money this way. Flight tickets would come with a massive cut if you book early and no the last minute, not leaving anything else as well.

Travel light

Its a journey and you would want many a things on the way and while the stay. Pull in whatever you want to have, don’t miss anything you need. Stuff them in, but only the ones you really need. You got a baggage cap for every the travel option, so be sure to check what the limit is, where till its free.

Best Tips to Travel Cheaply

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Good that you pull out whatever that you could manage without, lets you travel cheap on the free baggage limit. Its just travel light on the baggage part and not the money, you should never run out of money on a travel.

Look for travel deals

Book tickets, accommodations, any reservations only after checking with few service providers.Never be in a hurry and choose a random service provider, go along with a reputed one, same time look for offers they got for you. Check with a few, more the ones you check with, better should the offers be getting.

Fly and stay different

When you are on a pleasure trip, CouchSurfers could always ask on friends for couches. You could also get help from them on tripping or other things when you are at their place.

Now a little tip on air travel from a Dubai Tourism guy, its easy to find many airliners to the main cities and lesser numbers to nearby smaller cities. So book to the main, get down there and make your travel on road or rail then. You can enjoy tripping and save lot money that way.

Check-in to what is economy

Save money on food and accommodation, try not going for much expensive stays, go for something comfortable for you. Look places for bread and bed that are in economy with your wallet. Wherever you need to be going, easy to find places that best suits you, just that you need to cut the trouble by doing that bit of research i told earlier.

Tips to Travel Cheaply and save moneySpend wisely

You can find lot of promo offers. Checkout if you could make purchases with your credit card,PayPal to make any discounts, save a dime here, and there, and to the end of the trip, you should have saved enough.

Stay away from spending money anywhere on a travel if you don’thave to. Fewer times this happens with most the travellers.

So keep away from unnecessary spending and if you are vacationing, you could save lot of money for another.

Eat local food

Wherever you go, i bet you find local food are always cheaper, they are cheap in a sense the place you are visiting have that in abundance that the food type you are used to. So go for the cuisine of the place you are visiting and not your food.

After all try on a different taste, you were taste buds were having the same food for long at your place. Much of a game, you can go for street food too, it would be way cheaper than the food restaurants carry. Only thing that you need to be wise about the sanitation, there no real pint in getting sick eating bad food.

Pair up

Any place you go, its not that you alone a visiting foreigner there, you would meet similar travellers, specially when you are on your own. Any time you make use of local travel on a busor train should get you a good partner.

Be sure to make use of your discerning instincts, see if the person is trustworthy and got some nerve for a pair up travel. You could enjoy more, share your resources and go on few more days cheaper.


When making purchases outside or going on to rent out a hostel or home stay, find the best deals with bargaining. Use your bargaining skills in a nice fashion, with the intent to get a reasonable price and not to make the other person get angry at you.

Kenney Jacob the author of the “10 tips to travel cheaply” blogs about travel and social issues at his personal blog.