Top 3 Student Holiday Destinations in Europe

Spain among the top 3  student holiday destinationsTop student holiday destinations, including Fuerteventura, with On The Beach

Travelling as a student can be an absolute blast. You can find incredible deals, blag your way into working at hostels and getting accommodation and way more for free; meet new people and end up in countries you never expected.

For some of students, getting away means forgetting it all – maybe at the bottom of a pint glass! Package deals to clubbing havens the Balaeric islands, such as Ibiza party breaks are classic ‘lads on tour’ places to go, but Spain in particular hosts some other excellent destinations.

We’ve picked the top 3 student holiday destinations in Europe, with a focus on value-for-money, activity and culture:

1. Southern Spain

Loads to choose form here. The south of Spain is cheaper than the more industrial north, and the weather is pretty hot come summer time too. We’ve picked it because you can easily hop around the southern cities of Granada, Cadiz and Seville; or head further south and catch the Canary Islands.


Cornwall Mount England
Cornwall Mount England

2. Cornwall

For an adventurous beach holiday closer to home, students can do a lot worse than Cornwall. With great, buzzy towns like Newquay alongside amazing beaches for surfing, plus excellent cliffs for walking, it’s a great place to stay in a hostel or, if you can get a group of friends together, rent a cottage and get stuck in.

Think fish and chips, good nightlife, plenty of young people and good waves. Avoid posh havens like Rock and instead opt for smaller inland villages, or campsites around Polzeath.

drvengrad-Kusturica Serbia
Drvengrad Kusturica Serbia

3. Serbia

Home of the much-lauded Exit festival, Serbia and neighbouring Montenegro is an up-and-comer on student lists, but the draw of the summer festival alone makes it a great choice. Prices are also very low, and the landscape is incredible, taking in Dracula-esque castles and forests as well as lakes and the river beaches in capital Belgrade.