Pick your own pumpkins in Ormskirk


OK imaging this, you just finish work and you are on your way home when your better half calls to ask if you like pumpkins??

Of course I do like pumpkins, what kind of question is that?

Long story short last Saturday morning, we took our 2 year’s old Labrador Max, and we went to Ormskirk to pick up some pumpkins.

Yes, that was the sign on the fence “ Pick your own pumpkins ” £4 each or 3 for £10. We’ve got 3 massive pumpkins for £10 and there was plenty of choice!!

There was also a big crowd in the field, younger and older visitors, families with kids running around and playing but most of them were choosing and picking up pumpkins.

I never saw so many pumpkins in my life, like the sky open and it rain, it rain pumpkins!!!


If you wanted you could even queue for a wheelbarrow to load your pumpkins and take them to your car. It was a great fun walking around the farm. There was also a van selling drinks and snacks, hotdogs, etc.


With the pumpkins in the car we drove off trying to decide what to make first. Our first choice was a Thai pumpkin soup and it was amazing.

Pick your own pumpkins

To pick your own pumpkins at Poplar Farm you need to get there between 9:30 to 17:00, the farm is open everyday including weekends until the 31st of October.

The full address is A5147 Delph Lane. Downholland, Haskayne, Nr. Ormskirk, L39 7JJ.

If you wish to make it a long weekend away from home you can even book yourself into small hotel in the area. A quick search at Hotels-Fairy.com we found the “Innkeeper’s Lodge Ormskirk Aughton” at £65. There are around a dozen or so hotels and B&Bs in Ormskirk.