Kenilworth Hotels

Kenilworth Hotels
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The small town of Kenilworth in Warwickshire, UK, is the perfect place to stay for both holidaymakers and business travellers.  The historic town has plenty of history and restaurants to satisfy its visitors, and the numerous Kenilworth Hotels are located just 5 miles from Leamington spa, Warwick and the city of Coventry.

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Kenilworth Hotels and Accommodation

Thanks to its excellent location between several major towns and attractions, there are plenty of excellent Kenilworth Hotels to choose from, ranging from the recently renovated Holiday Inn(from £73 a night), popular with business travellers, to a more cosy and characterful accommodation such as Castle Laurels Guest House (from £85 a night) Loweridge Guest House (from £46 a night) offer excellent value.

Kenilworth Hotels Compare

Things to do in Kenilworth

If you’re visiting Kenilworth then there are 3 things that you must see.  The stunning Abbeyfield Park at the top of the town, the exquisite old town on the other side of the park from the main town centre, and of course the medieval Kenilworth Castle with its recently restored gardens.

Kenilworth also provides the perfect base for visiting other parts of historic Warwickshire including Leamington spa, Warwick and Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon.  On top of that it offers business travellers quick access to the M40, of Coventry and Warwick University, while being a pleasant place to spend an evening with his many restaurants and pubs.

Kenilworth Hotels
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Where to eat

For a town of its size, Kenilworth has a huge number of restaurants to choose from.  For a great atmosphere of the modern British food, try The Almanack directly opposed to a Holiday Inn Hotel, which is also a great cafe during the day.  Other excellent restaurants in the town centre into a stylish Mediterranean restaurant Ego and the modern Indian Edge at the bottom of the main road near the Sainsbury supermarket.

If you want something a bit more cosy then head over to the all town where are you enjoy all all the atmosphere at the Harrington near the castle or the Loch Fyne, seafood restaurant on the high street or The Cross tucked away just up the road.

When to go

As with most places in the UK, Kenilworth is best enjoyed in the warmer months of April to September, with park being particularly beautiful in spring and autumn.  However, unlike many destinations such as Leamington Spa, Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon, it doesn’t get overcrowded in summer months so it is an excellent place to stay if you plan to visit Warwickshire in the peak season.

Kenilworth Hotels Compare

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