Why Choose A Camping Trip?

The great outdoors, fresh air, communing with nature, it sounds like a perfect weekend. Sadly, some they do not even consider camping as a vacation option. Camping can provide an intimate relationship with nature that a hotel could never compare.

Nature can be quite a relaxing time with bird singing and watching the sunrise and sunsets.

A camping trip
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Since the economy tanked and people are looking at more ways to save money, camping has become popular once again. A luxury weekend in a hotel can cost hundreds, or a weekend in the woods can be almost free. Still, some are not hooked, but they just do not know what they are missing.

Here’s how you can make your camping trip a time to remember:

Finding the Perfect Spot

Camping like most things is all about location, location, location. A nice campsite next to a babbling brook or a lake is much more pleasant than a desolate area with nothing to see or do. Choosing the perfect spot will ensure your get away is off to a good start.
Water is soothing and for decades people have been vacationing near water. By settling in next to a body of water, the outdoor activities are unlimited. Here are some things you can do while camping near water:

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Rock Skipping
  • Sunbathing
  • Quick access to water for bathing (if you are really roughing it)

Compare the Costs

An average week in a resort with swimming and amenities can cost thousands of dollars. A week in a tent or camper with family and fun is priceless. Do the math and you will quickly see camping can be a blast with little expense. Here’s how the savings stack up:

  • Food – You can have the back to nature feel by cooking over a campfire. For a real cost effective
  • trip you can catch fish and fry for dinner. Food costs seem to be less expensive while camping than eating at restaurants every day.
  • Gas – Since you have all the amenities right outside your tent door there is no need to travel around from one attraction to another.
  • Wardrobe -Unlike resorts, the wilderness does not have a dress code. No fancy shoes, pants or purses. All you need for a week of fun is some flip flops and comfy clothes. No one will care out in the wild, if you have a new outfit or not. You can bring your most comfortable attire and relax.
  • Entertainment – The great outdoors provides plenty to do from fishing to hunting, boating and just relaxing. The great thing is this does not cost a penny. No more fancy opera houses or concerts at $100 a pop, this trip will not break the bank.

While vacationing in tourist filled cities can be fun, camping can be just as memorable. A word of advice for all future campers, do not forget the bug spray and the sunscreen. Whether it’s a roaring campfire with marshmallows and sing alongs, or a lantern and fishing by night, camping is the way to go.

As a camping enthusiast, Keith Barrett the author of the “Why choose a camping trip?” loves spending time in the great outdoors. He also spends a lot of his professional life investigating camping equipments and other outdoor accessories.