Top 3 Student Holiday Destinations in Europe

Spain among the top 3  student holiday destinationsTop student holiday destinations, including Fuerteventura, with On The Beach

Travelling as a student can be an absolute blast. You can find incredible deals, blag your way into working at hostels and getting accommodation and way more for free; meet new people and end up in countries you never expected.

For some of students, getting away means forgetting it all – maybe at the bottom of a pint glass! Package deals to clubbing havens the Balaeric islands, such as Ibiza party breaks are classic ‘lads on tour’ places to go, but Spain in particular hosts some other excellent destinations.

We’ve picked the top 3 student holiday destinations in Europe, with a focus on value-for-money, activity and culture:

1. Southern Spain

Loads to choose form here. The south of Spain is cheaper than the more industrial north, and the weather is pretty hot come summer time too. We’ve picked it because you can easily hop around the southern cities of Granada, Cadiz and Seville; or head further south and catch the Canary Islands.

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Best Party Destinations for 2012


As we enter the warm and fun part of 2012, its time to bring out the party hats because the world’s ready to take things to the next level. Dance, culture, music and more is waiting for you as the summer season throws up a new range of exciting options for all.

Outshine the sizzling sun as the world gears up for a whole new list of parties in destinations that have rocked us since the beginning of time. From deserts to beaches and from nightclubs to mountains, the world becomes your oyster as this wonderful season comes in with the coolest parties to beat that summer heat.

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Five Budget Ski Destinations in Europe


Whenever we think of snow-covered winters and skiing, the first thing that comes to our mind are the Swiss Alps, the wonderful Alps in Italy and even those out there in France. However, not everyone can afford those expensive chalets in heavenly settings. So what do you do when you want that skiing fun without all the expensive money they require?

You head on up to these exciting budget destinations of the world!

Jasna, Slovakia

Budget Ski Destinations in Europe - Jasna Slovakia ski resort
Jasna Ski Resort – Image by killMe007

When it comes to size, Jasna is one of the biggest and best ski resorts in Slovakia. A part of the Low Tatras National Park, you rise up to over 2,000 metres and enjoy every bit of the 1,000 metre vertical drop its ski slopes offer.

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Best Party Destinations in Europe

From June to August party people fly around Europe to catch the best parties of the season. There are many destinations but we tried to pick out the best ones for you, from beach parties to high class clubs. These are the top party destinations in Europe.

Best Party Destinations in Europe - Côte d’Azur-italy
Côte d’Azur – Image by PKirillov

Côte d’Azur, is the place for high class entertainment and parties that never end. The worlds jet-set and amazingly rich people arrive to Monaco or St. Tropez with their huge yachts.

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Most Spectacular Destinations for Stag Weekends


As a groom-to-be leaves behind life as a single man, makinghis last weekend as a bachelor a memorable one is top priority.What better way to accomplish this then with an unforgettable getaway to one of the most spectacular bachelor destinations in the world.

The bachelor and his mates will have the time of their life at one of these top stag weekend destinations. Whether preferring a beach setting, a southern European villa, an Asian adventure or a ‘Sin City’ good time, bachelors will find the perfect stag weekend at these locations.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip – Image by http2007

Sin City is the classic choice for this weekend of good times. This 24 hour town will keep a stag and his closest companions entertained day and night. Las Vegas boasts top of the line 4 and 5 star hotels, fine dining, entertainment and poolside lounges.

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Traveling Around The World

Makapu'u Point hawaii

A few destinations are very popular for vacations, medical tourism, honeymoons, Spring Break, or just sightseeing on a day off. Traveling around the world is becoming more affordable each year as airline and limousine companies make drop-off, flights, and pickups faster and more efficient for everyone involved.

Some locations still offer the trendiest nightlife or the hottest restaurants, while a few focus on attracting tourists more interested in the finer things in life, such as museums, shopping, or historic monuments.

In no particular order, some of the most exciting places to travel at any age:

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Traveling To the Philippines This Summer: 5 Tips to Know


Traveling To the Philippines - The Philippine flagThe Philippines is a beautiful tropical country to visit, with more than 7,100 islands to offer visiting guests. The capital is Manila, but there are several destinations that are well worth visiting. If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines this summer, here are five tips that you need to keep in mind.

Prepare for the heat. The Philippines is a tropical country, so it can get very hot, as high as 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Generally, its temperature is in the mid 80s. The summer season is between March to May, while the rainy season is between June to August.

If you’re going around town, bring a fan and a bottle of water with you so you can stay hydrated. Slather on a high SPF sun block to protect your skin.

English is well spoken everywhere you go. One great thing about the country that makes it tourist friendly is that almost everyone can speak English. Filipinos are very friendly and willing to help out tourists in need. Do bargain when you go out shopping at the tiangge or street markets and bazaars.

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