6 Amusing Travel Accessories for Women

Travelling is no serious matter – so why have serious travel accessories? We look at some of the best amusing travel accessories for women.

1. Shitbox

Ever found yourself in the middle of nowhere refusing to throw all your ladylike manners out the window despite your bladder being close to exploding? This is where the Shitbox portable toilet comes in handy. While it may not be as luxurious as what you’re used to – it adds as much sophistication to the procedure as you’re likely to find in such a situation.

2. Novelty Luggage Tags

Travel Accessories for Women - Novelty Luggage Tags

Every traveller needs to own a set of luggage tags as there’s nothing worse than your bags going missing with no contact details on them! However, luggage tags don’t need to be dull and boring – brighten up your bags with amusing novelty luggage tags.

Various companies offer novelty luggage tags that range from personalised ones with funny photos of you and your friends through to amusing sayings and quirky shapes and designs that will ensure your bags stand out from the crowd. To really make your fellow travellers jealous – attach a flashing LED luggage tag to your bags!

3. Custom T-shirts

Travel Accessories for Women - Custom T-shirts

If you’re travelling with friends then make your presence and purpose known with custom t-shirts. If you don’t like drawing attention to yourself, then this probably isn’t the way to go – but if you’re loud and proud then customised t-shirts will keep you and your friends amused.

Print funny photos of each other on your t-shirts (baby photos are always good!) and if you’re trip is for something in particular such as a hen’s weekend or round the world trip – make sure that that’s printed on there too as it makes for a great memento of your trip in the future.

4. Twister Beach Towel

Travel Accessories for Women - Beach Towel

We all have memories of games of Twister and these days the iconic game is more portable than ever. Twister beach towels are the ideal way to guarantee your day at the beach or the pool is more than just about tanning and man-watching; they are also a great way to make new friends (perhaps of the male form!).

5. Pocket Shower

While most men feel quite comfortable not having a wash for several days on end – us ladies feel somewhat differently. Now, even if you find yourself in the depths of the rainforest or hiking up an isolated mountain range – a shower is still a possibility with the Pocket Shower. It may not be the most luxurious way to wash yourself, but it’s certainly a welcome travel accessory when the body odour sets in.

6. NapBook

Travel Accessories for Women - Travel pillows

Ever thought that your laptop case would make a great pillow if only it was a little bit more comfortable? Most likely not, but hey – I bet you’ll think about it now! The NapBook is a new travel gadget that has already received rave reviews. Why carry around a pillow and a laptop case when you can simply have both in one? This is one of the top travel accessories for women!

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Jenny KellettJenny Kellett the author of the “Six amusing travel accessories for women” has spent all of her life travelling the world. Her passion for all things travel began when she spent much of her younger life living between Texas, UAE and London.

Working her way around the world, Jenny ended up living in Australia – first Perth and now Melbourne. She loves travelling to places that are off of the beaten track and dreams of visiting the world’s highest, coldest, warmest and most remote places!

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