New York Sports Venues

New York has had a long and distinguished history and the heritage associated with the sports played in the city is one that needs to be explored as an alternative to the traditional sight seeing destinations and tourist hotspots such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire States building.

Pre-War Sports in New York

New York Sports Venues - Yankee Stadium

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No trip to New York would be right without watching a baseball game at the newly built Ebbets Field, home to the New York Yankees, but before moving there, the Yankees played their baseball at the Yankee Stadium from 1923, so the history is written deep within the walls.

The stadium hosts many tours and dining experiences including the famed Twilight tour involving a guided tour during sunset that happens to cause some spectacular views on the stadium, followed by a meal in the NYY Steak (a premier steak house located at Yankee Stadium).

You can also find yourself the history surrounding the Polo Grounds stadium as preserved in pieces waiting to be discovered around the stadiums. If baseball is your interest then you can not miss a visit to the Yankee Stadium.

Madison Square Garden

New York Sports Venues- Madison Square Garden

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The original Madison Square Garden, built in 1879 and started off as the Harlem railroad passenger depot, was renovated into a venue for events in 1890, where it saw some of the first Boxing fights, which were still considered illegal.

Boxing prize fights of the world’s most elusive and well decorated boxers all vied to fight at the Madison Square Garden. The current building is the fourth version of the Madison Square Garden, but taking an all access tour will expose the history in a way you might not have previously imagined.

Madison Square Garden is also the oldest arena in the NHL and second oldest in the NBA, so the history comprises that of many different sports so this venue has something for everyone.

New York City Marathon

New York Sports Venues- New York City Marathon

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Established in 1970, the New York City Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the world with just over 45 thousand people finishing the race the atmosphere around New York is one that is unlike anywhere else.

The event is held on the first Sunday in November and attracts international competitors so the event is held in high regard around the world. There are just over 26 miles to stand and support the runners so there will always be somewhere with atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Andy Rushell, the author of the “New York sports venues as tourist destinations” is a keen sports fan and enjoys immersing himself in the rich sports history of the USA.