Would you strip off at a Nude Beach?


Trip Advisor recently did a survey on how many of us really would like to strip off at a nude beach.  Staggering number of people have said yes – especially our Europeans have been very open.

This survey should not be a surprise as there are many nude beaches in continental Europe.  Just a quick search on Google brought up quite a few beaches that you can strip off.

  • Filaki beach in Crete Greece, which claims to be the only official nude beach on the island. It is located near the Vritomartis naturist resort.
  • Lido di Dante in Ravenna Italy, is also an official nude beach.
  • Cap d’Agde beach at the town of Agde in France is one of the most popular nude beach in the South of France. The Mediterranean coast of France is actually full of sandy and secluded beaches where you can be one with the nature.
  • Playa de los Muertos Almeria in Spain claims to be the world’s most famous nude beach and resort of Vera Playa, near Costa Almeria in Andalusia.
  • Bol island Brac in Croatia also know as FKK beaches in Bol. Just head towards the Dominican Monastery, there you will find a remote sandy beach where you can take everything off!!
  • The island of Sylt, in Germany. This is actually one of the oldest official nude beach in Germany as it was established in 1920. Some claim that it is even the oldest one in Europe. These days, there are around 600,000 Germans registered in more than 300 private nudist clubs.

Most of the official nude beaches around Europe have certain rules or code of polite conduct, so you better familiarise yourself with the local etiquette. So bring with you some sun cream and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and don’t be shy. Get ready to bear it all!!!

Below are the results of the Trip Advisor survey –

USA - Would you strip off at a Nude Beach?

Australia - Would you strip off at a Nude Beach?

Europe - Would you strip off at a Nude Beach?

UK - Would you strip off at a Nude Beach?

Canada - Would you strip off at a Nude Beach?





Any comments?


  1. I’ve gone naked at a nude beach in Australia before. I went with my girlfriend, but it seemed like we were getting the short end of the stick, so to speak.

    We were in our mid-twenties and I think we were the youngest people there by at least 30 years.
    We (or should I say my girlfriend) were attracting a fair bit of attention, but it was certainly a one way street, view-wise.

  2. Wow.. I’m kinda amazed of the stats where people in most countries would really consider of getting nude at a beach. Hmm, I think I would too, if only it was a private beach and would only do it at night LOL

  3. Thought it would be easier but bottled it in the end. The main problem was that the beach was not secluded so clothed people were constantly walking past! I think if it was purely nudists I would have done it. This was in Gran Canaria by the way.

  4. I agree with the first poster. We tried a nude beach in Lanzarote. Now I am by no no means thin and am middle aged but most of the people on that beach made me look like a young model !

    Was a fun experience though but cant really see the attraction other than having more to look at 🙂 Certainly wouldnt go out of my way to go on another.

  5. Absolutely,! If all of the people were in there birth suit so no problem with that but if there were kids roaming around with there families, that’s a different story. Adults stuff are understandable but with kids it’s another story.

  6. I have never gone to a nude beach nude 🙂 That being said I wish that the people there would have done every one else a favour and thought the same as me.

  7. I have stumbled upon a nudist beach before and it was not what i was expecting. I was expecting young beautiful people but that was not what i got!!! I didnt go nude but i would think about it in the future!!

  8. I agree with Maxine. If some one start then other guys ready for to do.
    anyways, not an bad idea!

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