The World’s Best Eco Spa Hotels

When you combine the luxury of a spa with world leading green credentials, you have something truly special.  Sit back and forget your stress and worries at Hotels Fairy’s top 5 Eco Spa Hotels around the World.

1. La Gree des Landes  Eco Hotel Spa, La Gacilly, France

Eco Spa Hotels in France

The Eco Hotel Spa La Gree Des Landes is the nestled in the countryside of Western France.  Designed to be in harmony with nature, the low energy timber building blends into the hillside, semi camouflaged by its green roofs.

And so it is the perfect place to relax and read in your inner balance in the calming spa area with its infinity pool, relaxation areas over looking the landscape, and a range of natural and organic beauty treatments on offer.

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2. Rogner Bad Blumau Spa Hotel, Bad Blumau, Austria

Eco Spa Hotels in Austria

One of my personal favourites, the luxury Rogner Bad Blumau is an amazing hotel and normal spa complex featuring bizarre fairy tale architecture, blended into the rural landscape with eco-friendly green roofs.

The magic atmosphere is topped off in the spa complex which is fed by two natural thermal mineral springs sort that you can lie back in a series of indoor and outdoor pools soaking the regenerated benefits of the naturally warm waters while admiring the surrounding architecture.

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3. Hi Hotel Eco Spa, Nice, France

Hi Boutique Hotel France

A sharp contrast to the rural retreats, the Hi Hotel is a hip, bold city hotel on the French Riviera.  The Hi Hotels sharp and vibrant interiors were designed by top French designer Matali Crasset and contrast with the natural, ecological principles of the eco spa hotel’s philosophy which includes comprehensive environmental policy and an organic sushi restaurant.

And when you need to calm down from all the bright colours you can enjoy the calming massages or steam room in the Hi Body Spa area.

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4. The Scarlett, Newquay, England

Romantic Eco Spa Holiday

The Scarlett is what you get when you combine one of Britain’s most beautiful coastal locations with world-class design and a true passion for the environment.  Distinctly laid-back, the hotel’s design blends with its surroundings to create an unforgettable experience.

The hotel has a comprehensive environmental policy including all the usual stuff, but goes further with a solar heated pool, biomass heating, super insulation, natural ventilation and green electricity.

One of the highlights of The Scarlett is the inspirational relaxation area which is unlike anything you have ever seen, and the pool with probably the best view in the UK, and wide range of Ayurvedic and spa treatments.

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 5. Cabanas Copal Hotel, Cabanas in Tulum, Mexico

Mexico Eco Spa Hotel

Just a few kilometres from Mayan ruins of Tulum, you can feel at one with nature in a thatched roof beach hut surrounded by palm trees. Feel the pure white sand between your toes as you stare out into the Caribbean and you know this is a special kind of Eco spa hotel.

As well as its low impact architecture, the resort has to be efficient with energy and water due to its remote ‘ off-grid’ location and has its own solar array to provide electricity to the buildings.  And as if it wasn’t relaxing enough, you can enjoy a range of holistic therapies on the beach while listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shore.

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If you would like to recommend other Eco Spa Hotels around the world, please do leave a comment below or use our Hotel Price Comparison site to find the best room prices for any of the above green spa hotels.

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